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Getting Lade

A young Latino searches for someone to adopt him. ScriptShark Analysis: "A thoughtful, challenging story that's rich with thematic significance, GETTING LADE covers a lot of ground for the relatively small, contained piece that it is. Detailing the unusual relationship between a young man desperate for family and an older man with a past to hide, the script weaves in myriad themes of social commentary while taking on the granddaddy of all thematic explorations, in its investigation of what life is all about. Subtle, surprising at times this piece is completely original and interesting for its fiercely unique, unconventional stance.”

Written by: Stephen Levy    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Diego Luna
Johnny Depp
Ian McKellan
Posted: 10/16/2005
Updated: 07/07/2018
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Contest Results: Scriptshark Insider (Honorable Mention)