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Extraction from Omega 5

When a deadly disease ravages the cosmos, an intergalactic prisoner accepts a suicide mission (along with his fellow alien and human inmates) to a hostile planet in hopes of earning his freedom so he can reunite with his young daughter.

Written by: Marilyn Webber    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: 35 year old guy
30's Attractive Woman
20s male
In the Vein Of: Dirty Dozen
Guardians of the Galaxy
Posted: 06/09/2019
Updated: 06/09/2019
Author Bio:
Marilyn Webber is a produced and published WGA writer whose work has garnered nominations for both an ACADEMY AWARD and a HUMANITAS AWARD. In addition, her work has won a NAACP AWARD, a NEA AWARD: For the Advancement of Learning in Broadcasting, and an AMERICAN ASSOCIATION LIBRARY AWARD. Her short film, Last Breeze of Summer, was WINNER OF THE INDIANA FILM FESTIVAL and nominated for an Academy Award. She has sold TV pilots to USA and CBS.

Earning her M.

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