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Eddie The King

Drama  LGBTQ 
Plagued by waking nightmares and unable to kill himself, a professional hitman seeks the solace of a prostitute who unknown to him is transgender and unknown to him wants him dead.

Written by: Philip Lombardi    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: 40 Year Old Rugged Actor
30's Attractive Woman
Posted: 06/03/2019
Updated: 06/03/2019
Author Bio:
Phil Lombardi, a retired attorney, is now working on a second profession in writing. He lives in a small town in Oklahoma and writes screenplays, novels, and poems. At this point, almost everything is first-time. A first poem was published by Oberon Poetry magazine. He completed his first novella called Save The Child about Cherokee Indian sisters sent to a government boarding school for Indians in the 1930’s in which one sister is raped by a teacher.

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Contest Results: Inroads Fellowship (Finalist) [2019]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2018]