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The Downsizer

While a savvy big-city downsizer conducts a significant layoff in a small town, he discovers the disturbing reason for his Midas touch and struggles to repair the damage putting his job at risk.

Written by: Phyllis Campbell Corley    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: a 40s Jack Nicholson type
a 40s Tom Hanks type
a 40s Alec Baldwin type
In the Vein Of: Up in the Air
The Company Men
inspired by true events
Posted: 02/03/2019
Updated: 09/10/2019
Author Bio:
I have six feature scripts, a short, and a TV pilot script with a show bible that have professional recommends from Dave Trottier, Author of "The Screenwriter's Bible," Jacob N. Stuart of "Screenwriting Staffing" and/or "Screenplay Readers." They are all production ready.

My screenplay EVOLVEMENT was chosen for the 2019 online publication "The Budget List." You can view that posting at this address:[

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