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Adobe Rose

Adobe Rose and her two partners D’Shuan and Zemz hunt down the worst of the worst law breaking monsters, bringing the high profile drug lords and mass murderers to justice. PDF Excerpt

Written by: Chris Candelario     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Jessica Alba
Dwayne Johnson
Jet Li
In the Vein Of: The Assignment
The Bounty Hunters
Posted: 07/10/2018
Updated: 07/10/2018
Author Bio: With 20+ completed screenplays and TV pilots, he enjoys writing a variety of genres and bringing them to life including these finished scripts:

1. Adobe Rose – female bounty hunts down the worst of the worst (drama/action); 2. American Ballad – teenager Ophylia posts a Narco blog against the cartels (drama); 3. Ark*Star – humans survive the next Big Bang (sci-fi/adventure/thriller); 4. Blitz – Blitz & D’adario fall in love with German shepherd dogs, chess, classical guitar, and photography (romantic comedy – a short);

5. Candle – U.S.A. MP call of duty and war videographer’s bio-script (drama); 6. Christina – to find love. she time-leaps from ancient Greece (drama/action/adventure); 7. Eagle Clan – 6-part TV series – the stone pueblo girl Hishi transports to a space city (drama/action/adventure);

8. Enemy Ancestor – Det. Turquoise discovers a petroglyph exacting revenge (horror); 9. K-9 Warrior – Lt. Charleen take her dog into the Golden Crescent Triangle (war); 10. Prison Riot – true story of the worst prison riot in modern US history (drama); 11. The Oogs – with a saber tooth kitty and a dire wolf, a Neanderthal family transports to suburbia USA (1/2 hr. comedy);

12. Weapons of Choice – Barrio becomes a drug lord while his brother, Valie strives to save his family: Testosterone Driven Stupidity – 12 episodes written (action/drama);

13. Stars in Her Eyes –Katerina must save her students from banditos (western); 14. Halfbreed Pecos – “I said I was the fastest gun in the West, not the deadliest.” (western);

15. The Wong Baby – an American businessman saves a Chinese baby (family drama); 16. RVing (TV reality concept).