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Message Date Posted: 9/7/2017 10:29 PM

Francisco Casals

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Do you live in NYC? Are you a beginner, intermediate or seasoned scriptwriter looking for feedback on your drafts and give back constructive critique? I'm looking to form a small group of 4-5 members to meet weekly or biweekly, reading 1 script a week, keeping a small group will get the script rotation running faster. If you're responsible and willing to attend every meeting in order for everyone to have a chance to get their material read and critiqued please drop me a line with:

Mobile # (Who says cellphone anymore?)
A brief bio (Who you are, what genres do you gravitate to, what TV shows or films do you watch)
Writing experience and your goals (be an staffed writer, TV, produce your own content, ect).
Day/time you're typically available.

About me: Director/writer with 10 yrs experience in photography production and direction, I have written articles and conducted interviews for Kraven magazine. Since last year, I've been transitioning from print to film. 2 features and 1 pilot written to day, currently working on the pilot's bible and starting a new feature while continue to re-write my existing work. I specialize on female-lead dramas but also enjoy writing comedy, thriller, history and biopics. I'm an optimistic person that enjoy intellectual conversations, objective feedback and happy, you've been warned ;-)

Look forward to hear from you!

Francisco Casals