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Open Folder Topics > True Story Screenwriter for TV Documentary on American Patriot

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Message Date Posted: 7/6/2017 5:57 AM

DJ Donnelly

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Tucson, AZ


Triumph Donnelly Studios is conducting an initial search for a reputable Television Documentary Writer for a Patriot America's True Life Story. Screenwriter must have written a true life story for either television or a feature film. Writer must be a member of the Writers Guild of America. Initial Deal Memo offered to the chosen Writer. Triumph Donnelly Studios will supply books written by the True American Hero for the Writer to use as a basis for the documentary. Project is in the development stage for early 2018.

Writers may submit their resume, an example of their work via a release to Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC for a read of the Writers work and if a demo reel of the project will be required. Female & Male writers may apply. New writers as well will be considered.
Resume and work must be sent via PDF format to:


Initial cast will be conducted until Dec of 2017.

Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC

DJ Donnelly