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Open Folder Topics > Happy 4th of July. Keep writing. Take risk. Write COOL FUN SLICK screenplays

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Message Date Posted: 7/4/2017 11:29 AM

Script Oracle

MB Posts (25)

Hi all.

Just wanted to say we live in country where
dreams DO come true.

So, keep writing.
Write fun, cool, slick scripts.

Don't listen to all.
Listen only to some - for advice/consulting.

But if you love movies - you will be successful.
Write a script that is fun, cool and slick.

Eg. look at the new action packed movie called BABY DRIVER.
It's fun, cool and slick. The writer took lots of risks. You should always.

I just love the cover page of this script.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Script Oracle