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Open Folder Topics > Donald Trump vs Hollywood, WHY SO MUCH HATRED TOWARDS this MAN?

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Message Date Posted: 6/2/2017 11:31 AM

Script Oracle

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I am frustrated why Hollywood (which I admire and love) hates this MAN DONALD TRUMP.
Just look what my beloved actor JIM CARREY is saying about DONALD TRUMP. Sad.
Mr. Carrey, why?
The comments section there are very amusing but very sad.

I think as a leader Donald Trump is okay? Yes, he is not perfect, but not bad . He's an okay leader,
give him a chance.

He will improve.

But why is Hollywood basing the president this much. This is too much.

How does one deal with these haters from Hollywood?

It's distracting. It's affecting my mood and my writing and my consulting business.

Any advice, would be greatly appreciated.

Script Oracle