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Message Date Posted: 2/7/2017 11:01 PM

Patrick Gamble

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I currently get into the habit of always copying the Due dates and the cost of the different entry types etc when creating a new entry for the Contest Queue. I then can see in a second when the various entries are due and the cost etc. I also copy details such as the various categories and the page limit for the various categories.

Is there any way this detail could be automatically loaded as text when a new entry is created when considering a contest.

Also I much prefer the old location of the Contest Queue. I can understand you have grouped it under Contest but I would have thought the importance of the Contest Queue warranted its own tab.

Finally there is a link when a new entry is created but this link goes to the Contest site. I think a link back to MovieBytes own page on the Contest would be great to. Often if you need to make comments on a contest you have recently entered, to find the Contest, you have to do a search. But if there was a link that took you back to the movieBytes Page for the Contest, that would make it a lot easier



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Message Date Posted: 2/10/2017 11:37 AM

Frederick Mensch

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Thanks for your feedback, Patrick. Will consider ...

Frederick Mensch
Proprietor of MovieBytes

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Message Date Posted: 2/12/2017 2:06 AM

Patrick Gamble

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Thanks Fred for your interest in this. I am thinking of value add things that can be done that saves people a lot of time looking up. Often when considering a contest I want to know not only the final submit date but the various entry dates and their costs. I am also interested in whether Personal details are OK on the front page, the page limits and the Notification dates.
While it's impossible to display every relevant details if it was relatively simple to extract these details from a database, it might not be that hard.

Any useful info as free form text added when the new entry gets created would be a help.