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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Wow! This place has died.

Author: Dan Gomez is back Posted: 10/08/10 09:23 AM

Hello All,

I dropped by to see everyone and I discover this place has died.

I also read some people blame the low attendance because of me. LMAO, and thanks for the laugh.

Hmmmm. I wonder if this place died because people started to wake up and smell -- the BS!

Word of advice --

Write what you want, not what others want you to write.

Never pay for advice -- unless the script doctor is a WGA Union Member.

Author: Cheryl Miller Posted: 10/08/10 01:32 PM

Dear Mr. Gomez,

As a new person here on Moviebytes, you are wrong in your thought we are here wasting our time.

Will any of us be seen on the silver screen - who can possibly know.

What's important to us is, yes, comraderie, helpful suggestions, contest comparisons, advice on a possible writing mistake, and dare I say it - finding new friends.

Case in point - Irin Evers. Many of us share happy thoughts for our "friend" and many will meet for the first time shortly at Austin's event.

THAT is what we are all about. We wish Irin well, and any other member in the future who has success.

This is your last second of recognition here sir, and I would suggest no response to Dan Gomez is the best response.

You are wasting our time.

Author: James F. Hollmer Posted: 10/09/10 03:30 PM

Well lets get it started, by the way are you a Mexican? I never heard of a Mexican name dan. Daniel maby, you should change it to Rudy sounds more legit, not made up. Hell Ill bet you dont even eat chimichanga's sir. Do you know what they are, thats laughable, hell no you dont. Its been a while you havent been around, still a surley castard, but call me lets go out...


Author: Steve Hochman Posted: 10/09/10 06:59 PM

Cheryl and James,

Don't waste your time. Here's a compilation of comments:

Author: James Schannep Posted: 10/12/10 01:15 AM

Uhh... That's a pretty offensive comment, James F. H.

I know a Steve Garcia...

Author: Walter Winton Posted: 10/12/10 02:34 PM

Dudes... this place IS dead. There are more solicitation threads than threads of people asking for help and advice.

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 10/12/10 06:18 PM

Walter , where have you been? I think that's because new people (with lots of questions) are afraid to come on here anymore because we have some lurkers who seem to jump on and scare them off. They're really very mean to newbies so I don't blame them.

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 10/12/10 08:12 PM

I think it's more a matter of the "contest season" being over. Fewer announcements, fewer deadlines, etc.

Author: Julia Kubik Posted: 10/13/10 03:23 PM

People are working instead of lurking. Hmm, guess that's what I should be doing. Keep writing people :)

Author: James F. Hollmer Posted: 10/13/10 08:00 PM

Uhhhhh James S, I work with a Rob Garcia. I just dont like D.G ok you got that dident you..

Author: George Covic Posted: 10/14/10 10:22 AM

Hey Dan Gomez, WELCOME BACK!! YOU THE MAN! Stir that dust. Shake up that bottle. Too many people on this site are time wasters looking for the magic bullet.

They would rather blog than write a screenplay. How many books, seminars, blogs, workshops, contests, and dumb advice do you need to know about before you sit down a write a screenplay??

Go for it Dan-O!