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Messages posted since 08/23/2014

Topic: Romantic Comedies

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/27/10 03:00 AM

Is anyone out there writing rom-com, besides me?

I wondered which contest are open to them, in that they actually have highly placed rom-com screenplays.

It does not appeared to be any at all, because the ones I've entered or considered, don't even have a category for the rom-com.

The closest I can get is simply, comedy, which is a very broad genre.

Author: Mike McGeever Posted: 07/27/10 07:17 AM

You're not alone, my friend! :-)

There are a lot of categories within comedy (farce, parody, slapstick) but you're correct that most contests consider them all to be comedies.

If you'd like a list of contests that are receptive to the genre, look at "winning scripts" under the rom-com category to see contests that have been kind to rom-coms.

Personally, I trend towards contests with seperate comedy categories (like Screenplay festival, or Page) because I think I have a better chance. Although there are plenty of contests that give comedies a break, too (Script Savvy & Contest-of-Contest Winners comes to mind!)

It's a tough genre to crack, but LOTS of fun, too! Best of luck with both the script and the contests! :-)

Author: Walter Winton Posted: 07/27/10 03:29 PM

Several years ago, I had a romcom make it to the Nicholl semis. They can certainly advance. As long as they're not cookie-cutter and contrived, romcoms tend to have well-drawn characters and are very smooth and pleasurable reads. So much of advancing in contests is based on the reader putting down the script and thinking, "I enjoyed that." And people enjoy romcoms.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 07/27/10 04:32 PM

When I was thinking about entering script savvy competition I tallied up which scripts won the most and I believe that Romantic Comedies win the most in that competition. Mostly comedy scripts.

I always like to do research on contest to see what genres mostly win, find out what kind of readers/judges they have, who runs the contest. I mean any type of script can most contest, but certainly some contest favor certain scripts over others depending on how the contest is run/who is involved/who it's run by. Just my opinion.

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/28/10 04:59 AM

I will explore some of the suggestions.

In the meantime, I will have to save my money, have someone read them, and do the pitching route, the odds are better for me.

Author: Mya Benson Posted: 07/30/10 10:32 PM

Screenplay Search has a separate romcom category. Also check out StoryPros. I entered my romcom in both of these competitions and placed Quarter in one and Finals in the other. :)