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What Does Jarrod Murray Look for in a Pitch?

We caught up with Literary Manager Jarrod Murray, who will be accepting pitches from MovieBytes readers this Sunday, to find out what he looks for in an effective pitch.

What do you look for in a pitch?

Easier said than done, but give me something I haven’t seen before! Tell a succinct, compelling story, and something that doesn’t feel like you’re reading straight from a piece of paper.

What are the biggest mistakes writers make when writing comedy?

Not to be a smartass, but not being funny? Humor is subjective, obviously, but you also want to ground your characters and make them believable.

What can writers do in the first 10 pages to really capture the exec's attention?

Get into the action as soon as possible. You do need to establish characters, etc. but don’t spend too much time.

(Posted: 07/20/2016)