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Contest Deadline Coupon Spec Scriptacular $10 Off Coupon
Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea Competition 10% Off Coupon
Script Pipeline Great TV Show Idea Contest 10% Off Coupon
Back in the Box Screenplay Competition $5 Off Coupon
WeScreenplay International Screenplay Competition $5 Off Coupon
Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest $5 Off Coupon
KCWIFT and KC Film Fest Short Screenplay Competition $5 Off Coupon
Acclaim TV Screenwriting Competition $5 Off Coupon
Acclaim Film $5 Off Coupon
ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest $5 Off Coupon
True Tales Movie Idea & Script Competition $5 Off Coupon
Books-For-Film Competition $5 Off Coupon
Horror Hotel International Film Festival $5 Off Coupon
Depth of Field International Film Festival $5 Off Coupon
CineStory Foundation Feature Retreat and Fellowship $5 Off Coupon
L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Fest $5 Off Coupon
ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest $5 Off Coupon
New Media Scripts Competition $10 Off Coupon
Indie Gathering Script Writing Contest $5 Off Coupon
Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition 10% Off Coupon
Script Pipeline TV Writing Competititon 10% Off Coupon
Cash Pot Screenplay Competition $5 Off Coupon
TVWriter.Com People's Pilot $10 Off Coupon
ScreenCraft's Horror Screenplay Contest $5 Off Coupon
ScreenCraft SciFi Screenplay Contest $5 Off Coupon
Screencraft Bahamas Screenwriters Residency Program $5 Off Coupon
ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Script Contest $5 Off Coupon
DSR's Full Accountability Script Challenge $5 Off Coupon
Hollywood Drama Screenplay Contest $5 Off Coupon
Wildsound 1st Scene Screenplay Contest $10 Off Coupon
Komedy Ink Script Battle $5 Off Coupon
The Script Fest $5 Off Coupon
Evolution International Film Festival Rolling Deadline $5 Off Coupon
Writers Boot Camp Fellowship Monthly. Please visit website. 20% Off Coupon
Script Exposure Screenwriting Competition $5 Off Coupon
Wildsound Reading Series $10 Off Coupon
Philadelphia's SCREENPLAY FEST - An Online Screenplay Competition $5 Off Coupon
Wildsound TV SPEC and TV PILOT Screenplay Contest Ongoing - submit anytime. $10 Off Coupon
Kids First! Film Festival Quarterly deadlines: February 15; May 15; August 15; November 15. $5 Off Coupon