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Cannes Screenplay Contest

Cannes Screenplay Contest


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Report Card

Overall: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.4/5.0)
Professionalism: 2 stars2 stars (2.2/5.0)
Feedback: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.3/5.0)
Signficance: 1 star (1.0/5.0)
Report Cards: 9    
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The Cannes Screenplay Contest presents a top-level screenwriting competition for aspiring newcomers and seasoned veterans alike seeking to be read, recognized and rewarded for their storytelling talent. This dedicated scriptwriting contest is a rare opportunity for screenwriters to submit their work to be read, judged, and critiqued solely on their ability to captivate and entertain through the written word.

The Cannes Screenplay Contest seeks to be included with the industry's most prestigious and relevant script contests contending today. For those with the discipline and talent to create a quality story for film or television, there is no greater opportunity to dip your toe into the fire and see if you’ve got what it takes to entertain audiences for a living. Show More

Deadline/Entry Fees

Contact contest for this year's deadline.


Please see website.


The judges will award one First Place Winner from each competition category along with the contest's most coveted award, the Overall Grand Prize Winner, which is selected from among all categories and is regarded as the best overall project entered to the contest.

In addition, 2nd and 3rd place awards are also presented in each of the 14 competition categories.

Finally, 5 Official Finalists will also be bestowed in each of the main competition categories.

Cannes Screenplay Contest


Web: Click here
Email: Click here

Report Card

Overall: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.4/5.0)
Professionalism: 2 stars2 stars (2.2/5.0)
Feedback: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.3/5.0)
Signficance: 1 star (1.0/5.0)
Report Cards: 9    
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Contest Comments

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Cannes Screenplay Contest


Web: Click here
Email: Click here

Report Card

Overall: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.4/5.0)
Professionalism: 2 stars2 stars (2.2/5.0)
Feedback: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.3/5.0)
Signficance: 1 star (1.0/5.0)
Report Cards: 9    
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Contest News

Cannes Screenplay Contest Names Winners & Finalists

Some Elsewhere written by Tessa E. Duke has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 Cannes Screenplay Contest.

Some Elsewhere written by Tessa E. Duke

1st - Akaa written by Paul Forrest
2nd - Iron Maidens written by John Smith
3rd - Budo written by Rebecca Carter

1st - Sheila written by Jennifer Goodwin
2nd - Hormones Unite written by Debra S. Johnson
3rd - Pageant Dad written by Conor Healy

1st - End of Line written by Paul Hunt
2nd - Bedeviled (A Song for Leonard Cohen) written by Chris Canning
3rd - Disposable written by Amy Russo

1st - The Astral Aviary written by Jan Anthony Garcia
2nd - Charlotte Sometimes written by Cate Carson
3rd - Hooked written by Timothy Benson

1st - The Paradox Man written by Larry Thomas
2nd - Michelangelo written by Roberto Lemos
3rd - Soul Survival written by Matthew Mclaughlin

1st - The King's Fool written by Marcos M. Vaz
2nd - The Cadaver Synod written by Jon Fraser
3rd - Russia Was A Woman written by Amy Gerber-Stroh

1st - The Miller Boarding House written by Sara Caldwell
2nd - Sorrow written by Justin Smith, Carrie Smith, and Brad Phillips
3rd - Go to Sleep written by Diana Djurcinovska

1st - The Apostate written by Eli Cholakis
2nd - Deception Pass written by Erik Wiese and Cynthia True
3rd - Behind You written by Olney Atwell

1st - Knights of Podil written by Maksym Tkachuk
2nd - The Cherry Room written by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo
3rd - Mary, Marie, and Maria written by Steve Bensinger

1st - Deli Takeout (Brooklyn Deli Pilot Episode) written by Jim Norman
2nd - Queens written by Raul Martin Romero
3rd - At the Bar written by Deborah Klika

1st - Modern Family - Relax, I Got This written by Edward Pronley
2nd - Whiskey and the Firecracker written by Sarah E. DiMeo, Lorenne Clarke
3rd - Grimm- "Dead Reckoning" written by Paul Cochran

1st - Porcelain Boy written by Mariah Duncan
2nd - Lord of Cinders written by Laura Kutchen
3rd - Supot (Uncircumcised) written by Phil Giordano

1st - A Kind of Marriage written by Charles Leipart
2nd - I Wish written by John German
3rd - The Rooster Rebellion written by Anthony L. Mariani

1st - No.555 Boy written by TaeSun Lee
2nd - Poem-Haters written by TaeSun Lee
3rd - The Gift written by Kevin Yoon


Action / Adventure
69 tears written by Farrukh Sheikh
Love Nation written by Katherine M Carter
Hard As Flint written by Luther Hicks
Murder Mountain written by Philip T Brewster, Shona M Brewster
The Void Divine written by Corey Snowden
Minor Alterations written by Shay Thurmon
Distribution written by Walker Whited
Neather Men written by Dave Petonic
Taxi meters written by Iván Ávila Perez, Sebastian Felipe Trujillo Zurita
Room Service Stinks In Granada written by Pablo Aguila

Camboy written by Caroline Klimczuk
Royally Duped: A Fairytale Gone Askew written by Winnie Khaw
Bear Necessity written by James Phillip Gould-Bourn
The Caterer written by Dale Brandenburg
Disrupted written by Arielle Diaz
The Stuff of Us written by Anna Maria Alaimo
Xtracted written by Crafty St. James
Honeymoon To Eden written by Boim Hwang
Valley Farm written by Christopher Deans
Little Red Pill written by John Kestner

The Way Back Home written by Jonathan LaPoma
Hands Down written by Amy Russo
Halfway written by Lukas Hassel
The Other Boys of Summer written by C. Craig Patterson
Four Negro Girls in a Church written by Phillip Hardy
Escape The Midnight Sun written by Mikayla Daniels
Suli written by Lin Tu
My Mother's House written by Vincent Rodriguez
Screaming My Heart Out written by Jaynce Lapore
Sideways Down the Sky written by Barry Brennessel

As An Actress written by Maria Hinterkoerner
Eke'Bolos written by Stephen C. Settle
For Later Times written by Miguel J. Ramirez
Abelard written by Patricia Camden
Oil and Water written by Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Morgan Webster Dudley
Pelée written by David Earle, David Earle, David Earle
Lady Ines written by Helder Pedro
Omerta' written by Marianne Benjamin
The Doodler written by Bryan William Randal
Hotshot written by Ella Wagner

Family Film
Pageant Dad written by Liam Healy and Conor Healy
Shelf Life written by Leslie R. Henderson
Henrietta's Odyssey written by Ray Whittinger
Shelf Life II - Journey to the Kingdom of No Return written by Leslie R. Henderson
Rafa and the Bug Revolution written by Paula Castro Rosa
The Moonbeam Fisherman written by John Dummer
Cursed written by Jillian Diblasio
Madam Meow written by Aaron Shaw
Caravan Sam written by Steve Baker
Tat and the virus written by Polina Zinoviev

New Genius written by Rob Reeves
Dakota Caves - 2 Miles written by Robert J. Rogers
Angels Descend written by Russ Lindway
Drip Drop written by Fabian Martin
Foxes written by Gregory Fishwick
In The Shed written by Claire Richards
Santa Klawn written by Jeffrey Lee DuPree
Night Skies written by William Grasty
The Gypsy Children written by Sara Caldwell
The Family Way written by Shiva Rodriguez, D. Duckie Rodriguez

The Infinite Instant written by Danielle Lee Parker
The App written by Lee Robin
Mind Shadows written by Jason Harris
The Clone Popper written by Robert McClure
Momentum written by Brent Angeline
Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers written by Glenn Towery
Transcarlet written by James Ross
The Cypherian: Lineage written by D.K. Johnston
Clear Blue Sky written by Michael S. Brazda
Heir to the Throne written by John Bias

Justified Means written by Hetul Sharma
Red Buick on Via Veneto written by Luiz Felipe Loureiro Comparato
Blanket written by Louis Frost
Affair of The Poisons written by Charles Leipart
Hyacinth House written by Kevin James Gorman
Word Games written by Joel Stern
Anyone's My Name written by Barry Alan Levine
Bad Things written by Troy Paul Bloom
Adrienne Cart written by Donald P. Howard
Chemical Influence written by Diana Pysher

Short Screenplay
Witch Way Love written by James M Martin
Del Rio, Texas written by Abhiraj Trivedi
Restoration written by Pamela Jones, Gordon Loverin
People who watched this film also liked: written by Karunasagar Sridharan
Healing Matters written by Nir Shelter
You Gotta Be $hi**ing Me written by Todd Lowery, David Hilton, Mike Loud
Peacefully written by Miguel J. Ramirez
The Chiasm written by Nella Citino
The Son, the Father written by Lukas Hassel
Peacefully written by Miguel J. Ramirez

White-haired Goldenrod written by Cora J.Duffy

Television Drama Pilot
Bonewick written by Ira Khan
Cointelpro Now written by Carlos Dorsey
Swing, You Sinners written by Caroline Klimczuk
Queen of ISIS written by Michael Rights
Absynthia written by Seregon O'Dassey
Station 96: Welcome to Welaira written by Kat Hudgens
Northern Border written by Tyler Savage, Dash Hawkins
Outing written by Corey Wright
The Rooster Rebellion: Episode 1 "Who's The Dog" written by Anthony L. Mariani
The Blackavellian Knights written by Leonard Anderson Jr.

Television Comedy Pilot
Mamarazzi written by Loren Tarquinio
Jump’n Bad Judge written by Shahid Muhammed
Maurice written by Nicolas Bridot, Paul Bridot, and Michael Gregory Gong
Planet X "Politics As Usual" written by Robert Cole
Actors Anonymous written by Marilyn Swick
Angel of Eastend & Rick of Mars written by Joshua M Coletti

Television Spec Script
Penny Dreadful - "In the Bleak Midwinter" written by Caroline Klimczuk
Bates Motel - A Helping Hand written by Mallory Gibson
Jean-Claude Van Johnson written by Rebecca Carter
Broad City - "The Real New Orleans" written by Jeffrey Sutton
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Kimmy is a VIP written by Michael Don Miller

Updated: 04/06/2017
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Cannes Screenplay Contest


Web: Click here
Email: Click here

Report Card

Overall: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.4/5.0)
Professionalism: 2 stars2 stars (2.2/5.0)
Feedback: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.3/5.0)
Signficance: 1 star (1.0/5.0)
Report Cards: 9    
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