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Writers On The Storm Screenplay Contest

Writers On The Storm Screenplay Contest


3717 S La Brea Ave #106-522
Los Angeles, CA 90016


Contact: Julie Connor, Coordinator
MovieBytes Interview: JIM CIRILE

Report Card

Overall: 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars (3.5/5.0)
Professionalism: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars (3.8/5.0)
Feedback: 3 stars3 stars3 stars (3.2/5.0)
Signficance: 3 stars3 stars3 stars (2.8/5.0)
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Batten down the hatches - the STORM is upon us! Welcome, friends, to the sixth annual Writers on the Storm Screenplay Competition. It's been a pleasure to bring this contest to you all for the past few years. And last time out, we got our runner-up Jeremy Shipp (Sleight of Hand) and honorable mention Paul Moxham (Vertically Challenged) signed -- to UNITED TALENT AGENCY and MURAVIOV COMPANY respectively.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 02/10/2013

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All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM January 1, 2013 (final/late deadline).

Submitted screenplays must be the unproduced, unoptioned, and original work of the writer(s). There must be no dispute about the ownership of submitted screenplay(s) or the writers' right to submit screenplay(s).

Adaptations of previously published material are acceptable if the material is public domain, or if the writer can provide written proof of his/her right to adapt the material into screenplay form.

Screenplays by more than one writer are eligible, but only one prize will be given per winner, and it will be the writers' responsibility to distribute the prize. If writers of a script are unable to agree on the distribution of a prize, their script will be disqualified.

All writers of submitted scripts must be at least 18 years of age.

Screenplay must be in English, submitted in a standard format such as PDF, .rtf or .doc. Hard copies must be printed single or double-sided 3-hole white paper with the pages numbered, fastened with 2-3 brads and blank cardstock covers. All scripts must have title, name of writer(s) and contact information on the title page. Scripts should be between 90-130 pages and no longer than 150 pages in standard spec screenplay format. Please add an additional $10 for screenplays over 125 pages. Font must be 12-point Courier, Courier New or Courier Final Draft. No other fonts will be accepted.

All submissions must contain eligible screenplay(s), a completed application, entry fee, and, if you want notification that we have received your materials, a self-addressed-stamped postcard. Hard copy submissions sent via USPS or a courier service (UPS, FedEx, etc.) must not require a signature upon delivery.

Judging will be performed by trained readers, industry professionals. The finalists' scripts will be read by Jim Cirile and selected industry professionals. The decisions of the Judges will be final.

Writers On The Storm may substitute alternative prizes of equal or greater value in place of previously announced prizes.

Round one scripts are awarded a grade by our judges for both script and for writer. These grades are: pass, consider with reservations, consider, strong consider, and recommend. Only scripts that receive a 'consider with reservations' for script or better (roughly the top 10% of all submissions) advance to the quarterfinal round. Unfortunately, screenplays that receive a 'consider with reservations' or better for writer will not advance. Thus it is entirely possible that you receive a consider for writer but a pass for script. What this means is that the analyst found the writing craft to be very promising, but the script itself needs more work. This is actually fairly common. While the script will not advance to the quarterfinals, it is validation that the reader felt there was talent on the page.

Entry fees are nonrefundable. Make checks payable to Coverage, Ink.

Questions regarding the Writers on the Storm Screenplay Contest should be directed to Contest Coordinator Julie Connor via the contact address on this site.


Check website for full list of prizes.

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News: Writers On The Storm Screenplay Contest

Writers on the Storm Announces Quarterfinalists

Writers on the Storm announced their quarterfinalists for 2013, representing approximately the top 10% of all submissions.

20 Million Rides To Earth by Erik Ratiff
A Rising Tide by Chris Knight
Albert's Lie 2013 by Judy Vann
All God's Children by Natalie Hanson
American Supervillains by Andrew Watt
An Atom of Freedom by Yehuda Yaakov
Arctic Circle by Daniel Ragussis
The Basement by Dawn Marie Guernsey
Better Days by Kingston Medland
The Bloodline by Christine Feldman
Bioterror Conspiracy by Louis Lio
The Bond by Kim Putman
Bullets for Silverware by Jim Antonini
Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele
Cake by Patrick Tobin
Carn Evil by Jason Siner
Clouds of Sorrow by Jack Davidson
Common Ground by Robert Fullerton
Confiteor by William Shedlick
Conflict Resolution by Don Hofmeister
The Contestant by Allen Hahn
Covers by Francis Jay
Creeped by Robert Chomiak
Damascus Cover by Daniel Berk
Dead Dolores by Michael Yagnow
The Deal by Brian Fox
Degenerate by Karen Frank
The Devil Knows Your Name by Malibo Jackk
Diamond Express by Kyle Curry
Diamond Jim and the Blue Rose of Brazil by Carl B. Clark
Ding-Dong-Ditch by Erin Donovan
Dirty River by Jeremy Novick
Dogs of the Pacific by Julian Surface
Due Process by Shaun Raad
Equipoise by William Shedlick
Faking It by Scott Taylor
Fifty-Nine Lost by Lynn Betts
Francis Lange by C.M. Robinson
Frontman by Elise Carr & Dennis Carr
Fury by Dane McCauley
The Galaxy's Littlest Prince by Joe Borriello
Game On by Hamilton Mitchell
Garden of Lost Souls by James Scott Mason
The Guide by Henry Radoff
Haber by Daniel Ragussis
Hap by Brian Nicol
The Heckler by Mike Hanson
How Deep Is Your Love by Noga Pnueli
The Idea of Fireflies by Don Balch
Illusion by Suzanne Kelman
Inner City by Scott Taylor
Isolation by Mark Allen
Kosovo by Tim Guay
La Mujer (The Woman) by Steve Lucas
Lady Smoke by John Celona
Ladykilaz by Karen Hope
The Last Lifeboat by Luke Yankee
Lawman by Kingston Medland + Kingsley Medland
Live from the Milky Way by Joe Borriello
Lulu by Samuel Bernstein
Nerdgasm by Sara Williams
Ninety Nine Days by Francis Jay
Ole by Jon Price
On the Edge (aka Speedville) by Patrick Hunt
One Bad Day by L.E. Bond
One Night Stan by Tony Boland
Orange Dissection by tj Barkwill
The Orchid with the Petals of Velvet by Justin Kosch
Passing Through by Robert G. Rhyne
Petrology by Colin Mummery
The Plutonium Blonde by John Zakour
Prion by Tom McCarron
Probable Cause by Shane McCabe
Redemption by Scott Yedvarb
Rematch by Antoine Mizel
Resilience by Lena Slachmuijlder
Reverse the Curse Steven D'Arcangelo
Ride to Vengeance by Dave Vaughan
The Rim Of The World by Bettina Moss
Rum House by Michael Sieve
The Savior by Wade Ballance
Second Earth (aka Divergence) by Victor Agrippi
Self-Storage by Glenn McGee
Settling the Books by Russ Meyer
Seven Times Seventy by Laura Lagasse
Silas by Scott Parisien
Sins of the Father by Randy Oliver
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Slippery Things by Lane Baker
The Something by David Hudacek
Stay (aka Layered) by Jocelyn Osier
The System by Amy Whittenberger
The Taloquan Network by Robert Hestand
Theatre of Death by James B. Saunders
Theory of Everything by Tim McSmythurs
The Tiniest Prince in a Big Galaxy by Joe Borriello
Tranquility Base by Daniel Turkewitz
The Undeflowered Maiden by GK Noyer
Under Erciyes (Under the White Mountain) by Janet Ritz
Wild Bill Rides Again by Jim Antonini
Wormweed by John + Jessica Walker

Blue Light by Andrew Fisk
Borderland by Mark O'Neill
By the Book by Robert Kuang
Cass McGhee is a Werewolf by Dorian Hess
Ditch Plains by Bernard Urban
Dream Walker by Chris Hutton
Freebird - And This Bird You Cannot Change by Simon Kay
Freetown - Pilot by Jeremy Dickens
Goth and Jock by Jay Joseph
Konspirasi by W. Palmer
Level 4 by Frederick Kim
Lovecraft by Levi Bailey
Matt Sneed - Adolescent! by Jordan Jacobson
Messiah Project by David Baugnon
Milltown - The Devil We Know by Bob Gookin
Night Clan - Identity by Felicia C. Ansty
Ordnung by Aaron Rollins
Path by Michael A Wright
The RetroCog by Steve Morris
The Second Oldest Profession by Jim Bernfield
The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin
Shaman by Eric Ian Steele
Sitters by James Papa
Stealing Home by Sebastian Arboleda
Strategic Services by Jonathan Jones + Francisco Magdaraog
Super Phillainy by Jeffrey Meurer
Tainted by Elisa Graybill
Teen Spirit by Jacob Burstein-Stern
The Thief and the Prophecies by Barry Leach
Touched by Anthony Ripo
Triple Agent by Steve Morris
The World by Kathleen Cromie
Underland Pilot by Garon Cockrell
Wilbur Shaw by C.M. Robinson

Updated: 03/04/2013
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