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The Sword's Awakening

When King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur is stolen from a museum, it awakens a dragon and the descendent of a legendary knight who must join forces to find the powerful relic before its dark magic falls into the wrong hands. Script Excerpt


The Neutral Zone Bar & Grill

A superhero and supervillain duo decide to put their differences aside and open a bar exclusively for those with superpowers, although it turns out to be much more difficult than they imagine. Script Excerpt


Parenting 101

When a successful hair stylist and her goal-oriented husband determine they need to make a decision about starting a family, they struggle with a year-long parenting experiment starting with houseplants, then pets, and finally other people's children. Script Excerpt


Halo & Horns

Two centuries old enemies – a male angel and a female demon – compete to guide the relationship of a new young couple only to wind up falling in love with each other. A forbidden love. Script Excerpt

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