Inked In Blood

A tortured, tattooed albino returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him, and face the man he fears the most. His father.

It wasn’t forgiveness for the constant physical and mental abuse, the broken bones and stitches of the past that brought a tortured young man back to the town he ran away from as a boy. It was revenge.

Sheriff Edsall Quarrels was a cruel and vindictive man on his best of days. After the birth of Aesop, his "freakish Albino son" (his words), Edsall decided to “rent” his wife out to his friends for money, instead of killing her outright for birthing this abomination. Amidst the constant abuse of growing up, Aesop was forced to endure the sights and sounds of his mothers suffering at the hands of his fathers weekly poker buddies as they played out their darkest perversions behind closed doors.

Inked in Blood starts mid thrust on this twisting trail of carnage that ultimately must lead to Aesop facing the one man responsible for their suffering-his father. One by one he will make them pay, and among the wreckage of human flesh, Aesop will uncover a hidden family secret that threatens to tear him apart.

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Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Kill Bill
Sin City
Author Bio:
Inked has won several contests, including the Table Read-Park City, WildSound Festival, Festival of Horror, Depth of Field and the Pitch Now Contest. It has also placed in the Finals of several more (details upon request). Inked is part of the ISA Development Slate and was featured on the Script Shop Show Podcast in 2019.

Contest Results:
Wildsound (First Place) [2019]
Depth of Field (First Place) [2017]
Table Read (First Place, Winner of the horror category) [2015]
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