When Nick North (Santa) accepts a position as a crossing guard to bridge finance the toy production, he encounters bullying by both children and adults and then must communicate the Christmas Spirit without magic to end the abuse.

'CROSSING GUARD SANTA' is an original family Santa script about bullying.

When the North Pole underground gold mine ceases to yield any gold to fund the toy supplies, SANTA exhausts his money and supplier credit.

Santa must travel to the city to accept a paying position to keep the toy production working.

With his love of children, Nick North (Santa Claus) lands a job as a crossing guard just as school starts.

A young girl is nearly killed by bolting into traffic away from a bully.

Nick demands to talk to the female principal and discovers that her responsibility ends at the school’s property line. Nick must find a way to stop the bullying.

While Saturday shopping with his landlady, Nick notices young Brenda bullying while with her mother at the mall.

While grocery shopping with his landlady, Nick observes Goth Mark vandalizing both inside and outside of the store.

At the butcher shop, Nick perceives Timothy, the school's custodian being belittled by his invalid mother.

At the first 'PARENTS’ NIGHT', Nick supervises parking cars and witnesses parents and their children acting out their aggressions.

During a rainstorm when Nick enters the school wet and dripping, the janitor Timothy threatens to put him on report.

In this neighborhood, Halloween became more dark tricks than sweet treats.

At Mrs. Johnson’s funeral, Evelyn invites Timothy to share Thanksgiving dinner with her and Nick. Timothy is overwhelmed by the couple's genuine hospitality.

To use their thwarted talents, Nick recommends Mark as the artist and Brenda for the makeup and wardrobe for the Winter Pageant.

After the closing performance, Nick dressed as SANTA distributes presents to the cast and crew, then slips out to a waiting sled.

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Christine J. Whitlock has written (9) feature scripts and (3) TV pilots. You can see Christine Whitlock's list of scripts for sale at Her film production is at Christine Whitlock has a Magazine Journalism Certificate from Ryerson University Toronto, Novel Writing and Creative Writing Certificate from George Brown College Toronto. She explores heightened emotions in her writing.

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