Devils Breed

: Two young city slickers find their remote hideout farm is surrounded by a Satanic cult and must outwit the Devilish Cult leader and his Witch to survive cannibalism and other horrors.

ANTON, 25, his beautiful wife ROBYN, 24, and daughter CASSIE, 17, hide from his corrupt employers in their inherited farm, far from help. A provision of the Will prevents any digging up of the soil. Meeting the charismatic cult leader, DAVEY, 25, whose land surrounds theirs and who fattens “lambs”, they welcome his friendship and help. His manic 2 i/c TONY, plus six “HOODS”, eighteen-year-olds rescued by Davey from the streets, are Davey’s enforcers. Witch JEZEBEL, 25, captures Cassie and forms a lesbian duo, enticing her to join Davey’s cult. Anton's plough reveals human bones. Tony captures young Neal and guts him ready for the barbecue. Anton has to work as a slave while Robyn repulses Davey’s first rape attempt. Their car is disabled and when Anton tries to escape on the tractor, he finds the track blocked by a fallen tree. Menacing Hoods meld with the trees. Robyn escapes and runs through the forest when a hand clutches her ankle from beneath the earth, a dying part-eaten boy, who passes on in her arms. She struggles on to seek the sanctuary of a police sergeant, 25, BAYLISS’ car. Sympathetically listening to Robyn’s plea for help, he drives her back to Davey’s clutches. No way out. Anton, in an escape bid, sets a bomb near the altar, but without fatal impact. WINTERBOTHAM , 50’s, arrives at the farm searching for his niece, and is sacrificed on the altar in a drunken orgy, while naked Hoods dance in the dark, lit by bonfire light. Robyn is overcome by Davey on the altar, while Jezebel has her way with drunken Anton in the wool-shed, assisted by the simple VIOLET. One of the Hoods is secretly sympathetic to Anton’s cause. Jezebel sees opposition to Davey might allow her a way out as his star is waning. Police Constable SCHOLL, 23, arrives, looking for Winterbotham. Tony would love him as his next victim. He finds no clues and leaves, puzzled but suspicious, lucky to survive. Cassie is tied to the altar, ready for the next sacrifice tonight. Jezebel saves her from being whipped by two Hoods. Anton and Robyn escape at night and are chased through the woods to be re-captured as they seek to free Cassie. Anton is caged, shackled and so unable to fight back. Davey tries Anton in a “kangaroo” court. He is found guilty and forced to fight Davey with a blunt spear. Cassie watches from the altar in horror as the fight sways back and forth, Robyn showing true balls. Cassie cuts her bonds and skewers Tony with an arrow. Anton bests Davey in the fight. Constable Scholl arrives to clean up the pieces. Anton has dispatched most of the Hoods, Cassie has learnt to trust her parents and Robyn has risen in stature. Tony might take over in the sequel.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Russell Crowe
Matt Damon
In the Vein Of:
Wolf Creek
Author Bio:
I wrote and produced an 82 minute Action teen movie, "Fight Back", now on DVD with 12+ Action "Sam Fights Back" was a Scriptpimp winner. War story, "Try and Stop Us" was a Withoutabox winner. I re-wrote "Seekers of The Lost Mint" for Larry Taylor of Palm Springs, for which he is seeking finance. “The Last Dawn” war action script is optioned and in Pre-production on the Gold Coast. “The Man they called The Phantom”, the story of the Fine Cotton Affair, 1984, the most notorious horse racing scam in Australia is on ice till its villain, John Gillespie can find finance, without robbing a bank! T.

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