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boo hoo flanagan

When Joe’s 39 year-old addicted and pregnant daughter appears on his doorstep, his sedentary life is about to disappear forever.

Author Bio:
Lois just joined her husband in writing this script - her first credit - a tribute to our great-granddaughter, and a tribute to Lois efforts as the consummate editor. Since retiring early in 1998, Robert has written8 novellas, 2 novels, 2 non-fiction books, 12 screenplays and 3 stage plays. His body of work has been recognized as finalist or better in 200 festival, stage, book and screenplay competitions around the world (86 of those were first, second or better - mostly for his screenplays and stage plays), He taught screenwriting 101 at the local community college and was one of the Temple University judges for the Freese Award screenwriting competition.

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Contest Results:
Filmmatic Short (Finalist) [2020]
Short Stop (Second Place, First Runner Up) [2018]
Feel The Reel (First Place) [2016]
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