Forgive Not Their Trespasses

After the brutal murder of his mother, an orphan becomes a technologically advanced vigilante, dispensing justice to violent predators who evaded punishment due to loopholes in the law.

Synopsis: Fourteen year old Rod Baxter,is very protective of his widowed mother. He returns from an overnight camping trip and finds her murdered. He's placed in an orphanage where the Director, Monsignor Russo takes a personl interest in him and attempts to perusade him to forgive the person who killed his mother. Baxter refuses. Rod, a brilliant electronic innovator, wins honors for the orphanage. He enlists in the Marines and is assigned to a Bomb Disposal Unit in Afghanistan where he excels in courage and leadership and is introduced to killer scorpions and spiders indigenous to that area. After his discharge from the military he returns to his hometown and opens a computer repair and electronic shop. He keeps scorpions and spiders in his locked laboratory and develops a robotic scorpion loaded with poisonous scorpion venom, that he controls with a remote device. His plan is to use it on his mother's killer. He vists her gravesite regularly and assures her that he will avenge her death. His mother loved roses. She often told him "I'm happy when the roses are blooming." He plants a rose bush on her grave. He tracks down and kills several predators who murdered victims and were released due to loopholes in the law. Their deaths were staged by him to appear as "accidental". No foul play is suspected. It's winter in New York when he locates his mother's killer in Tuscon, Arizona. Rod kills him with his robotic scorpion.He returns to his mother's grave and finds the roses in full bloom. His mother is now vindicated. The other gravesites are bare with dead debris covering them. Rod is happy. He returns to visit Monsignor Russo and tells him that he can now forgive his mother's killer. The Monsignor is delighted, but he doesn't know that Rod murdered him and others along the way. Only Rod and his deceased Mother know about it. He thanks the Monsignor, who tells Rod, "Bless you. You've come a long way. Rod's cryptic response is "I know and it was worth every minute of it. I thank you for inspiring me, and for making it possible". Rod crosses his fingers while he's telling this to the Monsignor, indicating that he's telling him an untruth.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
a young Matt Damon
Morgan Freeman
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Contest Results:
Hoboken Fest (First Place)
NYLA (Second Place)
Beverly Hills Screenplay (Third Place)
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