There is a Season

Two families, one Israeli and one Palestinian, must find a way to break the cycle of violence that has locked their fates together.

While paramedic Yonatan Klein cleans up after a suicide bombing, his brother Eliezar, an army captain, blows up the bomber's Bethlehem house in retaliation. The bomber's father Ibrahim Sirhan, mother Khalida, sister Aminah and little brother Ismail have to move in with Ibrahim's father.

Ibrahim begs the local Hamas leader to leave his other son alone, but during that meeting, Eli assassinates the Hamas official. To prove he's not a collaborator, Ibrahim volunteers to become a suicide bomber -- and to save Ibrahim, Aminah sneaks out to take his place.

Then it starts to snow. The weather seems to cancel Aminah's mission. Yonatan's hawkish views begin to soften as he comes to see the snow as a 'blanket of peace' covering the land. It even leads to peace overtures between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

However, infuriated at the idea of peace, Hamas calls on Aminah to carry out her mission -- and, desperate to save her, Khalida goes along. They infiltrate a bus of pilgrims to Bethlehem and try to avoid bloodshed by getting rid of their bombs -- unsuccessfully. Khalida, Aminah and Yonatan are killed.

In the aftermath, Eli arrests Ibrahim and Ismail, saving them from Hamas. As the snow deepens, the Israelis extend aid to the Palestinians. Hamas's resistance to the aid causes a backlash against them. Ultimately, Ismail saves Eli from a Hamas assassin. The Palestinians finally make peace with Israel... and the sun comes out.

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Shia LaBeouf
Seth Green
Jessica Alba
In the Vein Of:
The Boy with Green Hair
The Hurt Locker
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Stuart is a native of the San Francisco East Bay and attended UC Berkeley. Growing up with The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits shaped his love of horror and science fiction, and raising three children gave him an appreciation of fantasy.

Stuart’s award-winning short scripts Autonomy, He Knows and Over Coffee have been produced, and he wrote and directed the short Memento Mori (which screened at the San Antonio Film Festival). He adapted the short story The Last Earth Girl into a feature screenplay and it has been produced by independent filmmaker Jim Weter.

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Cinema City Fest (First Place) [2007]
Writers' Building (First Place) [2007]
ScriptVamp/Attention Grabber (First Place) [2012]
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