A young couple who work in a holiday display factory try to make their way back home after mysteriously being miniaturized among model Christmas villages.

Wes McCracken and his girlfriend Ellie work at a collectibles factory that makes miniature Christmas villages. But their jobs are threatened when their supervisor, Bram Decker, introduces an automated machine that will eliminate their jobs. Wes and Ellie try to sabotage the machine, but it goes haywire, sending them into the villages.

In Future Times Town, they face starvation since everything, including the food, is made of porcelain. In hopes of getting back home, they begin an arduous journey through the villages on the way to Santa Town, where it promises "All your Christmas wishes will come true."

They pass through Modern Times Town, where a miniaturized copy of Decker, nicknamed D2, and porcelain police pursue them during a wild chase. They manage to escape to the next town by cable car, with D2 in hot pursuit.

In London Times Town, the couple meets Charles Dickens and give the frustrated author an idea for a classic Christmas story. But they are also chased by an angry mob, which, thanks to D2, is convinced Wes is Jack the Ripper. They jump from Tower Bridge just in time as a barge passes below on the Thames River.

Then, as they cross a rope bridge that leads to Santa Town, D2 cuts the ropes, plunging them into the snow-covered gorge below.

Elves rescue them and take them to Santa's Ice Palace. The couple begs Santa to send them home, but he tells them their love and faith could have gotten them home at any time had they trusted in them more.

Full-sized again, Wes and Ellie make a mad dash to a meeeting, where the power-hungry Decker is about to miniaturize the board of directors and take over the company.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Timothee Chalamet
Saoirse Ronan
John Lithgow
In the Vein Of:
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
The Polar Express
Author Bio:
An award-winning playwright and screenwriter. Numerous plays produced and three published. Several screenplays optioned. Three scriptwriting fellowships awarded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Also a member of SAG- AFTRA.