A mentally unstable ex-con works with a private eye to find out who really killed his childhood friend. Unfortunately, the evidence goes into dark forces neither one is ready to deal with.

Andy is in prison for a murder that he didn't do and is the victim of a gang-rape. He's been on medication for years and is on suicide watch. Finally he gets out of prison and meets his old partner and lover Zoe Saunders. She has a private eye business which does the usual cheating spouses and insurance scams jobs. It pays the rent.

One late night while Andy tries to get some sleep, he sees an apparition of his boyhood friend Lou in his bed. He freaks out because Lou's been dead for twenty. The dead body lays in bed soaked in blood. Across its chest is a red pinewood derby race car. Andy panics and grabs his gun. He almost pulls the trigger but comes out of the trance when he realizes he's aiming at Zoe. She damn near wets the bed. Zoe gets him to put down the gun. A cheap police radio monitor signals something is going down. Andy and Zoe take off to find out what.

They end up at a warehouse where Fat Wally, Andy nemisis from his grade school days, is dealing in the slave market selling off some asian underaged girls into the porn industry. Andy has another vision at the worst time. He sees himself twenty years younger with Zoe, Kathy, Lou Weederhorn and Fat Wally at a picnic. Lou is being picked on by Fat Wally and his crew. Young Andy, dressed in his cub scout uniform, steps in to protect his friend Lou, also a fellow scout. Andy has a ugly pinewood derby car in his hand.

Andy is about to get into it with Fat Wally but the vision ends and he's back at the warehouse. Zoe and him get caught by Fat Wally's gang and are taken captive. The lights in the warehouse turn on and off, then on again but no one is inside. Two of the gang go in to investigate. The red pinewood derby car drives around he warehouse by itself. Circumstances end up having the two gangsters dead when they mysteriously shoot each other from different parts of the building which would seem impossible. The car vanishes.

Wally splits the scene not knowing what's going on. Zoe and Andy escape but Andy gets shot and is wounded. No place to go, they end up at Kathy's mansion another childhood friend. She's also Andy's old schoolmate and former part-time lover. The place is falling apart because Kathy's millions are almost drained. Her parents are dead from a car accident and the only one who stands by her is the creepy butler, Philip. He's watched her grow up from an infant to a drunken lonely woman who he secretly wants for himself.

There's been a rivalry between Kathy and Zoe involving Andy for years. With nowhere else to go, they stay at the mansion. Zoe takes a shower. A dark spirit mist enters the bathroom. Before it can get to Zoe, Kathy walks in. It vanishes. Zoe drops the towel and Kathy gets an eyeful.

Later, a gunman attempts to kill Andy and Zoe but misses. Two detectives, Burks, an old cop on the way out and his young female partner with new ways to do police work, investigate the shootings and find Andy, Zoe and Kathy story full of holes as to the assassination attempt.

Andy goes to the bar and gets information from one of the bikers on who put the hit on him. He's told it was Fat Wally. He goes there but gets abducted by Wally's henchmen. He's dumped in a van and is taken out into the field where Lou met his death years prior. At Fat Wally's house, the pinewood car shows up. Wally is busy doing his hooker girlfriend and planning his next caper. He and his hooker girlfriend end up being the next victims in Lou's wrath. The guy who raped Andy in prison is the one who takes Andy out of the van. The red derby car shows up and distracts the guy. Andy and him go at it. Andy kills him. The red derby car is replaced with Lou who shows him hints as to who may have killed him. The black car is the clue.

Andy goes to the mansion and finds the car in the garage. It's the one that Philip drives. Andy suspects him to be the one who killed Lou years ago because he had a crush on Kathy. Maybe Philip in his sick mind got jealous. Andy checks Philip's room and finds old photos that might prove he was there but now he's not so sure what to believe.

What Andy finds out is that Lou discovered that Kathy and Zoe had been lovers when he caught them going at it. They didn't want anyone to know about it so hey had to shut him up. Zoe ended up killing Lou to cover the secret but Kathy hid that fact in therapy and buried it in a lot of wine bottles. Philip was only trying to protect her but ends up dead by Lou's evil car. Detective Tracy and Burks do their own investigation and go to the mansion where they find Lou at his worst moment. How do you stop a dead guy?

The evil entity go after Kathy and Zoe. Andy talks him out of it and reminds him who he was before he died. Lou's spirit stops and lets the detectives take Zoe and Kathy away.

At the grave site, Andy, Kathy who was released, and Lou's parents leave flowers at the headstone. Andy brings the red derby car that he built years ago and had found at his mother's house. He leaves it at the site. They walk away. The car sinks under the ground to be with Lou forever.

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In the Vein Of:
American Horror Story
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I am a member of the Willamette Writers Organization in Portland Oregon and have been one for over five years.

Competition Highlights:

Zwarm, horror, (Semifinalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Contest, 2015 Hollywood)

The Tattoo, one page comedy (Top Twenty Finals in WildSound Competition 2009)

Mom's New Toy; comedy short (First place in WildSound Competition 2008; Second Place Gimme Credit Super Short Category of Cycle V 2007) The Merging; sci-fi (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza competition 2006) Pinewood; horror thriller (Round Two Slamdance 2007) Smallville: To Eternity And Back; television (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007) Vacation Burnout; comedy (Quarterfinalist Bluecat Competition 2007) Smallville: Fractured Wings; television (Top Ten Finalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007)

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Slamdance (Honorable Mention, Round Two) [2007]