Only Human

Only human is about a homeless man that doesn't know he's really a Dog. His life changes when he finds out the truth about his existence and gets mixed up with the ghost of a serial killer.

We start at Roger’s Veterinarian Clinic where the Doctor of that clinic named Roger is arrested by the Police on suspicion of the missing persons that were last seen going to his clinic. While being taken to the police car, he confesses his crimes to a reporter named Sarah and includes all the evidence they have against him. The police officer in charge of the case is called Officer Laudry. After getting arrested and sent to jail, Roger ends up committing suicide in his prison cell. Then we meet Zack, he’s a homeless man who wanders the streets of New York. As Zack sleeps on a bed by a dumpster he wakes up and hears Roger tying up some black garbage bags nearby. As soon as Roger sees Zack looking at him, he runs off. Roger chases him only to bump into Zack. After some small talk, Roger sees how hungry Zack is and offers him some food inside the black garbage bag he was tying up. It’s cooked meat that’s ready to eat so Zack accepts his offer not knowing the sinister reason behind those pieces of cooked meat. The next day Zack sees other homeless men stealing the black garbage bag full of meat and decides to defend it in any way he can. Zack ends up getting beat up to a pulp by those homeless men. Later on, Zack wakes up bloody and bruised. Most of the meat in the black garbage bag is gone, except for the uncooked meat. It turns out that the uncooked meat was the human remains of Roger's victims. It’s also revealed that Zack was a dog this whole time. He thought he was a human being based on a head injury he received as a puppy. Roger was just using Zack as he was using all the other dogs in his clinic to get rid of the evidence by feeding them the human remains of his victims. Police Officer Laudry arrives in his Police car and sees the human remains of Roger's victims near Zack. Zack tries to speak to Officer Laudry and explain his innocence but all Officer Laudry could hear is barking. As Zack kept approaching Officer Laudry, Zack gets shot and killed by him. Officer Laudry feels the guilt of killing Zack and comforts Zack as he dies in his arms. He confesses that he finally found closure for the victim’s family by finally finding the remains of Roger's victims. The Ghost of Roger appears behind Officer Laudry.

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Short Screenplay
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Jason Peralta was born and raised in Queens, NY. Both parents were immigrants of the Dominican Republic. Cinema has always been his passion while growing up. During his late twenties, he realized his passion for writing and took a Screenwriting course in the Gotham Writers Workshop located at Times Square, NY. He read several books to sharpen his craft including Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and Invisible Ink by Brian Mcdonald. Through years of hard work and persistence, he reached Semi-Finalist for the WriteMovies Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest.

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