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When an overzealous government man tries to steal an inventor’s home using eminent domain, the inventor decides to provide alternative land by expanding the world like a kernel of popcorn, if his dance-clubbing hunchback lawyer can keep the inventor out of jail to accomplish his task.

In a mansion on the city’s edge lives Doctor Ben Masser (40s), a color-blind, absent-minded, mad-genius type, who just wants to be left alone. Disturbing Ben’s peace is Newt (30), an overzealous government man who has promised Ben’s land to a corporation, to build their corporate headquarters on.

Ben saves his protégé, jelly and peanut butter sandwich-eating 4 year old Cecil, from certain death when Newt storms Ben’s home. His feud with Newt leads to Ben’s ‘light bulb’ moment: he’ll give people more land -- simply by expanding the Earth. But Ben’s laboratory is barren.

Cut to Ben in his maniacal glory. The lab gurgles and pops. Electricity arcs. Cecil watches Ben’s every move -- in the science museum exhibit. Ben realizes what his laboratory needs.

Driving the car he acquired before becoming a hermit, a red Yugo, Ben heads into the city. After leaving the surplus store, Ben absent-mindedly speeds off in a yellow Yugo, which lands him in jail. Enter Igor Vore (30), Ben’s new hunchbacked lawyer. Igor thinks he’ll merely represent Ben in court, But Ben has other ideas.

In court, Igor notices Maria (late 20s) in the gallery. He assumes she’s a court groupee. But Maria works for the district attorney, Axton (50s), who”s coerced by Newt to press for the maximum stay behind bars for Ben.

After Ben’s case is dismissed, Igor pursues Maria. Ben speeds off in an orange Yugo. By the time Igor and Maria have a cup of coffee, Ben’s returning to the slammer. Igor returns to Ben’s rescue.

At his laboratory, Ben gives Igor lists of supplies to pick up. Igor begrudgingly complies. Meanwhile, Igor, a dance-clubbing artiste, and Maria go out on dates dancing.

Axton gives one assistant after another the Masser assignment. The case keeps being thrown out of court, and the assistants are jailed for contempt of court.

Ben’s plan’s nearly ready. First, he has one more trial to attend. Igor expects smooth sailing in court -- until Maria steps up as prosecutor.

She gets Ben convicted, but persuades the judge to release Ben into Igor’s custody pending appeal. By the time Maria tells Igor she has a cute new used car, Ben has taken her blue Yugo. Igor finally believes Ben can do it, ‘just by throwing a switch‘.

Igor’s car is disabled, cabbies are on strike, so Maria and Ben commandeer a bus. Newt passes by with a wrecking crane. They race to Ben’s mansion. Taxis try to block the bus. The bus and wrecking crane careen across Ben’s lawn as the click of the switch echoes.

One year later: Ben runs a busy real estate agency. A globe shaped like a popped kernel of popcorn is on his desk. Clanging gets louder, interrupts him. It’s the jailer clanging the cell bars. Ben wakes up in his cell. ’It will work!’ He rushes to the bars, yells, ‘Igor!’

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Back To The Future

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Award-winning graphic novel version of my sci-fi thriller feature script A LITTLE FAVOR is now available on Double contest winning and eleven time finalist modern western JENNA'S GONE has been optioned. Dark comedy thriller feature script, set in Duluth and Ohio, THE FAT LADY SINGS, is now also a novella. Sequel AFTER THE FEDORA is also in print. Comedic cautionary tale short script, JUST A TIC has been shown at Film Festivals, on Amazon Prime, Vimeo VOD, and on television.

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Contest Results:
Not Your Grandmas (Finalist) [2021]
Wiki Contest (Quarterfinalist) [2021]
NOVA Film Fest (Second Place, Comedy runner up) [2016]
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