Haunt for Hire

After a family enlists the help of a ghost to save themselves from a vindictive neighbor, they start a haunt for hire business and learn that even ghosts can be haunted.

Home is a sanctuary, or it should be. But Tori’s home is not safe when Warren, a sadistic neighbor, moves in. Especially when he launches a vendetta against Tori and her family.

Soon Tori, Lucas, and their two children, Rachel and Johnny, are tormented in their own home. Neighbors avoid them, as if they are the ones in the wrong.

Gordana, an ancient Scottish ghost, saves Tori from a deadly trap set by Warren, and Tori learns she has a protector. Tori asks Gordana to haunt Warren, which causes him to sell his house. Tori feels guilty until she is fired because Warren has trashed her reputation.

Tori cannot get another job and bankruptcy looms. In desperation Tori and Gordana open a haunting business. Ghosts wanting to atone for misdeeds swoop in and business booms.

Warren spies on Tori. When he discovers she sent the ghost who haunted him he sets up shop in an abandoned warehouse and tries to conjure a ghost for himself.

All is well with Tori’s family until Rachel is hospitalized with a mysterious illness. As Tori and Lucas watch their daughter’s life ebb away, Gordana arrives with a ghost doctor who saves Rachel.

Meanwhile Warren is frustrated he cannot conjure a ghost. So he ramps up his efforts to bankrupt Tori’s family.

Lucas quits his job to help. The demon appears. Gordana is frightened by the demon and disappears. Things ramp up and Tori calls a ghost hunter. He is thrown out the window and runs away. The demon grabs Warren, who is right outside, and whisks him inside to join the fight.

The demon takes over Johnny. Tori’s mother’s love makes the demon leave. Gordana gathers her courage and returns to see the demon enter Lucas. Gordana enters Lucas and runs the demon out. The demon, unfazed, grabs a ghost, mesmerizes him, and swallows him. He grabs another and repeats. The family watches in horror. Tori grabs a bible and crucifix. Warren tries to stop Tori and she punches him in the nose.

The demon grabs Tori and mesmerizes her. Gordana drops the bible onto the demon’s head. He loses his grip and Gordana whisks Tori away. Ghosts swoop in to throw religious items at the demon. He swats them away and swallows more ghosts.

Tori sneaks up on the demon and puts a crucifix around his neck. He weakens. Ghosts bombard him until he is sucked away by a dark whirlpool. The ghosts he swallowed escape.

Gordana, who has atoned for her misdeeds in life, crosses over.

Life returns to normal and business continues. Gordana returns to help out, not out of guilt, but love.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Ghost Busters
Author Bio:
From novels and screenplays to picture books, Veronica R. Tabares is known for her witty style. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, she realized she wanted to become a storyteller the moment she read her first few words.

Throughout her creative journey, Veronica has earned extensive acclaim for her work. Her book, “Gray Zone” won Bronze in the Feathered Quill Book Awards’ Juvenile/YA category and a number of her screenplays were finalists in various prominent contests.

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Contest Results:
Emerging Screenwriters Genre (Honorable Mention, Shoot Your Sizzle Top 100) [2018]
StoryPros Awards (Quarterfinalist) [2016]