Daughter of Job

Jemimah is a committed Christian whose comfortable family life attracts the devil's curse, just as was the case for Job in the Old Testament. Thereafter, Jemimah's life is beset by one catastrophe after another but she remains committed to her faith. However, the final overwhelming disaster brings an astonishing conclusion.

Jemimah has a happy, comfortable family life with Bob, her railway engineer husband, and four children. She provides a helping hand for some in her community but others accuse her of being a fair weather philanthropist and effectively bring on her the devil's curse. Bob is joined at work by a contractor, Phil, who has a cynical attitude towards Christianity yet they strike up a friendship and Phil is invited to spend a day out with the family. During the following night the family home is burned down and they have recourse to move in with the local vicar, Arthur, a single man in a huge vicarage. Shortly after discovering that the house insurance had lapsed, Bob is killed in a road accident. Then Jemimah is told that her eldest son has a tumour on his knee requiring an operation. When a landslide buries an area where two of her children were known to have been playing, Jemimah has to face an awful prospect as the diggers clear away. Still, Jemimah's prayer is one of thanks for what she still possesses. Then, miraculously, jemimah's fortunes are restored.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Alexander Armstrong
Laurence Fox
Sean Bean
In the Vein Of:

Author Bio:
I spent a lifetime as a chartered telecommunications engineer in the railway industry. Deeply moved by the deaths of two children in a terrorist attack I felt God reminding me that Christians are not immune to tragedy and urging me to write an appropriate novel portraying Christian faith in difficult times. The first edition, published in 2012 was too long and I could sense that I had incorporated too much railway office politics. D of J was republished in 2018, removing that which was surplus to the God inspired story and I then scripted it using Final Draft scriptwriting software, resulting in 130 pages in Courier 12 font.

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