When a beautiful German teen is used by the resistance to sneak the schematics for the V-2 rocket out of Germany, to the Allies in Paris, and then vanishes, both sides send out their top killers to find her, retrieve the plans and eliminate the young courier. But it is the third thing closing in on her that she fears the most, her past.

Torn from her life within the Nazi elite and pending marriage to Hermann, the prominent son of an SS General, white-haired Erika Strauss is forced by her father to carry secret information to the Jewish resistance in Paris. Because her father is a highly placed mole within the Nazi V-2 rocket program, Erika was raised as a German and not a Jew, a heritage to which she has no loyalty and has never accepted.

Riding the train to Paris, the beautiful, disconsolate teen is spotted by the prolific pedophile SS Colonel Diedrich, forced from the train, taken to his command at the Ravensbruck concentration camp where she is raped and subsequently imprisoned as an "undesirable" for not being a virgin. In Berlin, Klaus, a traitor to the Jewish resistance and agent for the gestapo, reveals Erika's "Angel Hair" mission to his gestapo handlers and thereby sends the Nazis into panicked convulsions trying to find her and retrieve the V-2 rocket schematics she carries sewn within a red handkerchief. In all of Germany only Colonel Diedrich knows her whereabouts but is unaware that she is being hunted or that she is a Jew. The abject cruelty in the camp throws Erika's long held belief that Germany is the paragon among countries into chaos and painful introspection that leads her to accept, and for the first time in her life say, "I am a Jew". As the gestapo killer Karl and the Jewish resistance hit man, Levi, close in on Erika's location and each other, she faces yet another dilemma; who is the father of her unborn child, Hermann or Colonel Diedrich? Pregnancy in the camp means certain death for the baby and possibly the mother, so the women prisoners in her barrack band together and hide Erika as new SS Lieutenant Hermann is posted there, the Russian army closes in, Karl and Levi walk into the camp, bombs rain down, a newborn baby cries and the red handkerchief is ripped from Erika's hand.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Kristina Pimenova
Raffey Cassidy
Jenna Ortega
In the Vein Of:
Black Book
Schindler's List
Author Bio:
Jack Martin Vandagriff has Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English Literature. He began his career in the industry at Disney as a traffic boy and then as a Publicist working on several features while being a staff writer for the internal magazine, "Disney World". His works have either won or been finalists in numerous screenplay contests and he has optioned eight screenplays. ANGEL HAIR was the winning screenplay for the 2021, SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL SCREENPLAY COMPETITION.

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Contest Results:
San Francisco International (First Place) [2021]
Breaking Walls (Second Place) [2019]
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Semifinalist) [2021]
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