Courage: Our Credo

A true story of hope and faith following a Polish family as they fight to survive and escape a Russian labor camp during WWII.

The Zyla family’s been taken captive in a Russian labor camp during World War Two. There, they must band together to survive starvation and exhaustive work hours under the supervision of an unorthodox leader. Many escapes are attempted and many lives lost, but by a serendipitous encounter, a relationship spawns between Mary and Mitch.

The family suffers great loss as the years tack on and now Mary’s sick with pneumonia. Utilizing their talents, they enact a new plan, soon realizing escaping the camp isn’t nearly as challenging as the Siberian winter. Now they must trudge through the mountainous terrain back to Poland before it’s too late.

Script Excerpt
In the Vein Of:
Escape from Sobibor
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Author Bio:
I enjoy writing mystery and thriller, but predominately write drama and faith. Being a Christian, my goal is to blur the lines between secular & faith content to appeal to a larger demographic.

I feel I’ve got an aptitude for natural sounding dialogue with unique, robust characters people can relate to. I make it a point to not be verbose when writing descriptions to elicit a succinct, engaging story for the reader.

I secured funding in 2016 for the concept video for my script Weight of the Wind.

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