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This week two discarded doomsday weapons that fell into the backside of the sun will explode on Wednesday 7 PM, causing major global warming, unless a blackballed fighter pilot, now a wild west show fast draw, does “a little favor” and retrieves the off-course bombs by then.

Chiseled MASON RILEY (30) ekes out a living as a fast-draw artist for a third rate Wild West show in Texas. His being blackballed as an Air Force fighter pilot five years ago has turned his life 180 degrees, now focused looking backwards toward the 1800s. Mason, a generation younger than from his boss BELLE (50), shuts down any hint of a romance.

Mason’s former Top Gun, smooth talking BRANT (35) shows up, persuades Mason, at gunpoint, to go with him. Brant informs him that Russia and the U.S. talked each other into placing both their doomsday weapons aboard one rocket, sling-shotting it around the Sun and into deep space. The rocket went off course. Brant needs Mason to do ‘a little favor’. Fly to the backside of the Sun and pluck out the double payload doomsday rocket before 7 P.M. next Wednesday.

Mason has 93 million miles (93 hrs.) to learn the advanced technologies, including Adrenaline Cubed, which speeds up reflexes. The side effect is that it ages a person a couple years per pill. Subliminal audio and visual increases the learning potential.

The only other person on board is gorgeous but ambitious Lt. SMITH (25). She resents Mason, feels she should do the job. Mason and Smith establish working and other relationships.

Mason and Smith establish working and other relationships along the way. On the backside of the Sun they discover a scorched Russian craft, and learn info from a dying cosmonaut. Finding the rocket in time will still be a daunting task.

Mason’s dive into the Sun is like FANTASTIC VOYAGE, only instead of micro, it’s macro as Mason uses an exo-skeleton, protected by an anti-gravity aura, to dive into the Sun down to the radiative zone. Magma begins sticking to the aura, blocking his view. He surfaces, reprograms the magnetic polarity, shattering the sticking magma. He races back in as the seconds tick down, retrieves the doomsday rocket.

When Mason returns to the spacecraft, Smith tries to kill him, removing the oxygen from the cargo bay. Mason makes it back to the exo-skeleton and saves a little oxygen. They fight. With Smith’s dying breath she says Brant forced her to do what she did to save her daughter. The fight destroys the auto-pilot.

Mason is now 93 million miles from earth with the doomsday bombs on board. His only way home is working with the man who blackballed Mason out of the Air Force, runs the black-ops mission control, and plans on selling the doomsday weapons to the highest bidder.

Mason uses his in-flight subliminal-acquired knowledge to build an Apollo 13 jerry-rigged system to manually pilot the craft back. His quick reflexes, and adrenalin cubed pills, are just enough for him to adjust his spacecraft for every slow down energy pulse it receives from Earth.

Brant shoots Mason as he exits the spacecraft. But Mason isn’t in the spacesuit. Mason takes the Adrenaline Cubed, eliminates Brant’s guards. Belle shows up. (She received the text message Mason sent from space). Belle takes care of Brant’s top guard. Mason tells Belle to wait outside. Brant takes an Adrenaline Cubed pill.

Mason and Brant each strap on a guard’s pistol and gunbelt. Mason informs Brant that he sent the doomsday bombs safely on their way, before he came out from behind the Sun. Brant, in a rage, goes for his gun, loses. Mason has aged to the same age as Belle, shows her the photo of Smith’s daughter. They agree that the daughter is enough responsibility for two. They walk off into the sunset together.

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Fantastic Voyage
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A LITTLE FAVOR graphic novel won second place in the Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival. Co-wrote, helped edit true story pod cast series, DECEIVED. Moviebytes WinningScripts lists SETTLING THE BOOKS as high as #1 Micro Budget Feature Script. Named a Top 100 Indie Writer(s) in Del Weston’s book of the same name. Studied Screenwriting with Dan Decker, Durrell Royce Crays, & Steve Larson. Silent Filmmaking - Film In The Cities. Improv - Dudley Riggs Writer has won 16 screenplay contests with 12 different scripts.

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Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy (Semifinalist) [2021]
Santa Barbara International (Semifinalist) [2022]
Indie Gathering (Second Place) [2012]
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