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A mysterious space capsule adrift in the Pacific Ocean pulls a disillusioned Air Force pilot into battle against a shadowy paramilitary force hell bent on utilizing the astronauts' otherworldly cargo to enslave humanity.

Sometimes the secrets of the heavens... should stay secret.

1967. The Vietnam War rages. Young Navy pilot Patrick Maguire hopes to avoid the conflict by entering NASA's fledgling astronaut program.

While sailing with his mother and father before he ships out, Patrick witnesses a mysterious space capsule plunge into the ocean. They race an oncoming storm in an attempt to aid the pilots. But while Patrick investigates the damaged capsule, his parents are taken prisoner by an extra-governmental military force that unexpectedly arrives on the scene, led by the menacing Director Greene.

Impersonating one of the soldiers, Patrick inserts himself into the heart of the high-tech warship in hopes of freeing his parents. Shock after shock follows, as his subterfuge uncovers the cabal's other-worldly origins, their inhuman experiments, and their ultimate goal: the overthrow of all humanity.

With a hurricane raging, his parents in peril, and the fate of mankind at stake, can Patrick stop Greene and his masters from destroying the world?

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Written by:
In the Vein Of:
The Quatermass Experiment
Author Bio:
Hailing from the wilds of North Carolina, Don spent his formative years drawing his own comic books, and crafting galaxy-spanning sagas with his homemade toys. After a lengthy detour with a career in the software industry, Don decided to dust off his artistic dreams and get back to creating. He became an editor in Hollywood, working on low-budget horror movies and award-winning documentaries. But after time spent playing with other peoples' toys, Don decided to craft his own, and transfer the stories in his head to the written page.

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Contest Results:
Horror Hotel (First Place) [2023]
Depth of Field (First Place) [2023]
Fade In (First Place) [2021]
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