Beats of Disharmony

An embattled doctor, after finding his grandchild abandoned at his doorstep, sets out to search for his runaway daughter and realizes the shocking price of his past decisions.

Beats of disharmony: © At work, Dr. TREVOR SKINNER is a reputed military trained Neurosurgeon. At home, a disciplinarian father who misses his daughter ROXY and grandson ZACH and being blamed by his wife ALINA for driving them out of the house about two years ago. When Zach is found surprisingly left abandoned at their doorstep, Trevor expects the relationship with Alina to get better. It gets worse. Alina, though happy with Zach’s return, is now more paranoid about Roxy’s safety. Trevor decides to search for Roxy and bring her back home. At every step of his search, Trevor confronts his past decisions and mistakes. From the store sticker on Zach’s toy, Trevor reaches Roxy’s junkie classmate, he had warned Roxy against. But the junkie had helped Roxy after she left home and looked after Zach when Roxy moved into a drug rehab. Ironically Roxy left home when Trevor insisted her to enroll in a drug rehab program. Alina and Trevor are optimistic when they hear from the Rehab Director that Roxy left after successful rehabilitation. Tracing Roxy’s path, Skinner and Alina reach leading Cardiologist Dr BEAR and find out Roxy was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease. Trevor and Alina feel déjà vu. Trevor recollects how, after Roxy’s departure, he needed a heart transplant for his CHD and how, on Alina’s advice, he gamed UNOS organ waitlist with his connections. Dr Bear reveals that Roxy needed a heart transplant and since Roxy was a high priority recipient, a transplant procedure was scheduled but was cancelled at the last minute. When Trevor and Alina insist, Bear further reveals that Roxy died after the organ was given away to another needy or influential patient. Trevor turns out to be that influential patient. Unable to reconcile that Trevor received the heart that could have saved Roxy, Alina moves out of the house along with Zach. Having lost everything he loved, after consenting to donate all his organs, Trevor takes a gun to his head.

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Hugh Jackman
Liam Neeson
Hugh Jackman
In the Vein Of:
The Words
Arlington Road
Author Bio:
Chakravarti Desikan (Czar Desikan) hails from Canton, Michigan near the Auto Capital of the world Detroit. In case you are curious CZAR is the translation for Indian word Chakravarti. Desi is an immigrant from India and came to USA to pursue his Masters’ degree in Computer Science. From the young age, he has been afflicted with the love for entertaining people. Be it with his sense of humor or writing short script to entertain guests at his Indian home.

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