A young nurse investigates her mother’s disturbing death and becomes entangled in a decades old political cover up involving her family and the illicit affair of America’s most infamous lovers.

Kathleen Donnelly is a young nurse working at St. Vincent’s hospital when she finds out her mother Fiona Donnelly has been brought into the Emergency Room by her brother Sean and their local priest, Father Riley. Her mother informs Kathleen she is adopted and this information has been kept from her as a cover up. Kathleen is stunned by this information. Fiona’s lab work indicate she is overdosing on Digoxin. Kathleen for assistance. Father Murphy is the senior Medical Doctor of Emergency Room Service and a long standing personal friend of Fiona Donnelly. Kathleen waits with her sister Theresa and brother Sean and Father Riley in Father Murphy’s private office while Father Murphy takes over her mother’s medical care. Kathleen questions her siblings about her adoption and mothers Digoxin intake per her lab work. Father Riley reports her mother’s spiritual crisis that lead them to bring her to the hospital. Sean puts all his trust in Father Murphy and ignores Kathleen’s concerns. Fiona Donnelly dies during resuscitation attempts by Dr. Murphy. Kathleen suspects that her mother’s medical care was mishandled and begins her own investigation in Medical Records where she uncovers the Catholic Charities adoption records proving that her parents had adopted her from a Convent in Cuba. Kathleen is discovered to be investigating her mother’s hospital records. Hospital administration puts pressure on Kathleen’s boyfriend who is an intern at St. Vincent’s. He betrays Kathleen to administration and she loses her job. Kathleen falls into a deep depression and begins to drink heavily. Her sister Theresa is very concerned when Kathleen tells her about her adoption and dismissal from the hospital. Theresa goes into action using her Canadian citizen status to obtain permission to visit Cuba. Theresa finds Sister Isabella is a caretaker in the long closed Cuban Convent for Unwed Mothers. Sister Isabella remembers the beautiful american movie star who was brought to the convent by the young Catholic Senator to deliver their love child. The Cuban Nun/Midwife fulfills the promise she gave to the american movie star mother when she gives Theresa the hidden box she promised to deliver to her adopted daughter if she ever came back to Cuba to search of her biological mother. Meanwhile, Sean Donnelly insists that Kathleen return home to sober up and get her life back together. Kathleen continues her downward spiral until she uncovers some family photographs and paperwork that clearly demonstrate that her father was involved with a political cover up orchestrated by the Catholic Church. Kathleen calls for a meeting with her brother Sean and Father Murphy to show them the obvious evidence despite Sean’s reticence to agree or discuss and impropriety involving their father or the Catholic Church. They review the photographs and records and Father Murphy becomes agitated. He attempts to convince Sean that Kathleen is insane and needs his medical intervention. Sean hesitates and Father Murphy attempts to kill Kathleen to shut her up. Sean finally comes to his sister’s defense and Father Murphy falls and dies from a broken neck. Kathleen, Sean and Theresa meet together and promise to always be a strong supportive family for each other. Kathleen opens the box her mother has left her. It contains a note from her biological mother expressing her love and why she gave Kathleen up for adoption. It was because both of her parents were married to someone else and their careers plans as upcoming President of the US and her movie contract made it impossible at this time. They would come get her when the time was right. The letter was signed, Marilyn.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Saoirse Ronan - as Kathleen
Gabrielle Burn- as Father Murphy
Cillian Murphy- as Sean
In the Vein Of:
The Da Vinci Code
Agnes of God
Author Bio:
Her background as a nurse practitioner has given Kathleen Werner a unique perspective into the human psyche. Feeling that film has more impact on human behavior than her prior published work in medical journals, she now uses her screenplays to shine a light on the complex nature of the human condition. Kathleen has had three works recognized in screenplay competitions. Kathleen Werner is a Nurse Practitioner living in Naples, Florida. Prior to becoming a screenwriter she has been published in medical journals and has won several local and business writing competitions.

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