Coming of Age - Feature Film

It’s 1965, and even as sex drugs and rock’n’roll infiltrate a Britain eager to leave WWII in the dust, 14-year old sheltered and studious Charlotte lands abruptly on an old-fashioned slap’n’tickle bedroom farce tour her mother, Tricia, stage manages. When she unexpectedly replaces an actress in the show - clad in a skimpy French Maid’s outfit — and tumbles into a heady flirtation with a much older actor — her mother, Tricia, is forced to confront her daughter’s sexual awakening as well as her own priorities.

In a fish-out-of-water moment, 14 year-old, sheltered, studious, parochial schoolgirl Charlotte finds herself living with a group of slapstick comedy actors - performing a Bedroom Farce - in the unpredictable and alien world of a touring theater company. And are her parents breaking up? And what the hell is happening to her rapidly developing body? And why is she so distracted by Edward, the charismatic leading man? Then, the same people who cavort on stage every night become her academic tutors — with surprising success. She aces all her relevant exams. And one of her tutors is Edward, who - unfettered by the “anything goes” atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties - lets her hero-worship lead him in a treacherous direction. And then the actress playing the sexy French Maid abruptly leaves and Charlotte is dragooned into replacing her. And her mother, Tricia, is going through her own emotional growth spurt as she becomes all too aware of her daughter’s sexual awakening and questions her own priorities. And all this happens as Britain, eager to leave WWII in the dust, is sniffing around the all-American imports of sex drugs and rock'n'roll.

Starring Roles For:
For Charlotte:
For Tricia: C. Mulligan; B. Piper; A. Riseborough
Micky or Edward: Ben Chaplin; Stephen Mangan;
In the Vein Of:
An Education

Author Bio:
Karin Collison has worked professionally, from the age of 8, in all the media as an award-winning actress, singer, and dancer in the US, UK, Europe, and Malaysia. She explored other careers for a few years, but her job as the first Artistic Director of Speaking of Stories (during which she was commissioned by the US Embassy to mount Readers Theater in Kuala Lumpur as a post-911 outreach) brought her back to the performing arts. She is now a full-time bi-coastal actress primarily living in LA (with a pied à terre in NYC).

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