Pariah Chapter 1: Emergence

For thousands of years, evil has held influence over the Earth. A group of outcasts known as the Pariah have been tasked with vanquishing these demons back to the fiery gates of Hell. As some of the Pariah give into temptation, the distinction between good and evil becomes blurred.

Since their creation, the Pariah have been tasked with vanquishing demons to the depths of Hell. As two Pariah are led astray, one will tangle with evil to save the other. In so doing, she will try to destroy the Pariah forever.

Two new Pariah emerge who may just be the key to fulfilling an age old prophesy that can bring peace to the world and forever close the doors between the Earth and Hell. With the help of their trusted mentor, the angel, Michael, they will learn to harness their power in an effort to fulfill their purpose.

Meanwhile, two fallen angels will seek to overthrow the ruler of Hell. These two fallen angels believe that the world must burn, but they do not have the patience to wait for the apocalypse.

The Pariah must not only fight to save each other and the humans in danger, they must also resist the temptation to step outside their authority.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Dakota Fanning
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Winston Duke
In the Vein Of:
Contest Results:
Mindfield Film Festival (First Place, Gold Award ) [2020]
Rome Independent (Honorable Mention) [2020]