Cleopatra's Revenge

A snake's on the loose in Mike Turner's new home and his wife is really freaking out!!!

Ross Weatherford drops by to say hello to neighbor Mike Turner, watering the lawn of his newly built home. He spots a green tail sticking out of a hole in the brick siding. When he grabs it, it slithers into the house! As he and Mike are discussing it, wife Pam appears, and knowing she is scared to death of snakes, Mike hands her an unconvincing story. Suspicious, Pam goes to Ross' home and squeezes the truth out of him.

It’s not long before the sound of Pam’s screaming informs Mike the jig is up. Next thing , Pam's at the front door, suitcase in hand, accusing Mike of deceiving her and leaving her to die at the hands of the snake she has encountered in the dining room. “I’ll find it! I’ll find it!” Mike promises, but Pam has had it: “Well, you call me when you do, I’ll be at the Holiday Inn!”

Mike is plenty mad at Ross for spilling the beans, but Ross comes up with a solution: Just buy a snake at PetSmart, show a picture of it to Pam and tell her you flushed it down the toilet (you can even get your money back returning the snake).

The plan works like a charm. Pam is mollified and domestic harmony is restored. Mike plans to celebrate with a big party for the Weatherfords.

Unfortunately, the real snake makes his appearance at the party and mayhem ensues. Once again Pam is out the door. As Mike rushes after her, he hands Ross his Visa card and a $20: “Book us two tickets to Dublin- I hear Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland.” “What’s the $20 for?” “To buy gas and torch the place. Snake problem solved.”

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25 - 35 Attractive Guy
25 - 35 Attractive Guy
20’s Female- Vibrant
In the Vein Of:
A Fish Called Wanda
40s screwball comedies
Author Bio:
A native of Johnstown, NY, Robert Tartell has been everything from a factory worker to a pilot, U.S. Army officer and practicing Family Physician and brings a wealth of experience to his creative writing. His recent awards include: 2019: Winner Houston Comedy Film Festival Best Short Screenplay THE KID 2019: Silver Remi Award, Houston Worldfest Screenplay Competition, HARD-HEARTED HANNAH 2020: Finalist HollywoodJust4Shorts Competition CLEOPATRA'S REVENGE 2020: Semifinalist Hollywood Just4Shorts Competition The L.

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