Spawn of Evil

The horror by the Nazis, during WWII in Auschwitz, and the post-war, cruel serial murders and graphic sex committed by six sociopathic and psychopathic young Nazis upon Jewish women.

The story melds the horror of WWII Nazis in Auschwitz, and the cruel murders and graphic sex committed by six sociopathic young Nazi men on post-war Jews and the Jewish Nakam hit squads. Six psychopathic young Nazis, who are murdering Jews, become the hunted. The boy’s parents are serving as SS Nazi guards at Auschwitz, during World War II, are selected for their sociopathic tendencies to join a special education class. There they’re indoctrinated in the ideals of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. They learn to participate savagely in the atrocities committed against Jews and Gypsies in the camps, but the violence does not end with the coming of peace. With their parents executed as war criminals, the boys are brought up in the homes of non-Nazi German families. In their teens, their psychopathic behavior erupts once more. It leads to a wave of rapes and serial murders, which sweeps across Europe and beyond. Patriots and ex-prisoners known as the Nakam (“vengeance”) Group, hunts for them. The Nakam was initially organized to target those German officers who’ve evaded justice for their war crimes. A Nakam hit squad is dispatched to locate and kill the young Nazi spawn before history can repeat itself with yet more deaths. Now, the table has turned. The hunters have become the hunted.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Ross Lynch
Alexander Ludwig
Kellan Lutz
In the Vein Of:
A serial Killer in Nazi Berlin
Author Bio:
Donahue B. Silvis is an alumnus of the renowned Pasadena Playhouse drama college He graduated from Florida Atlantic University majoring in film study and creative writing. As a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG), he has worked in movies as an actor and screenwriter. He has written six novels, five screenplays, and one illustrated children's book. Now retired, he continues writing and promoting his novels and screenplays, while residing in Naples, Florida with his wife, Katie.

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