Howlingween 3: Red River County

A tourist-dependent town in Florida boasts of a historic inhabitant as being America's first serial killer, only to suffer his reawakening.

After the nightmares in the Australian outback facing human-organ hunters and trapped on an island off the coast of India with murderous Clarry the Clown, the Forran family looks forward to an adventure-free holiday in Florida, in a quaint village-like town called “Red River County”.

The town has a dark secret. In 1769 a beggar was left to starve by a townspeople who didn't care. Seeking vengeance, the beggar goes on a killing spree, occupying houses, killing the residents and eating their food.

On October 31, he is shot on a river's bank and falls in. Ever since, the river's water has taken on a distinct orange hue. The real problem for the townspeople is when the river takes on a red hue. This only happens on certain Halloween days when the beggar comes back to life and kills exactly the same number of people he killed in 1769: nine.

Fast forward to the present.

The town’s elders have kept these murders quiet as the town's existence depends on tourism. In this respect the town lives in a paradox: it promotes the legend of Jack O’Beggar to increase tourism but hides his reality to sustain the very same industry.

This is the Red River County the Forrans drive into for a care-free, fun-filled break.

Again, it is not to be.

Eight-year-old step-sisters Tracy and Belle Forran take the warnings of an apparently deranged old man seriously and after doing the research on Jack O'Beggar are convinced he is out and about.

The girls try to save people from the claw-like hands of Jack but struggle to convince their parents, the sheriff and the townspeople in general of his murderous presence. After eight people disappear, it is up to the girls and a gang of bikers they have befriended to save the impending ninth victim.

Tracy saves the ninth victim-to-be but discovers a disturbing truth about her other father, a huge supernatural wolf, that, even though she is feted as a heroine and given the key to the town by a grateful mayor, leaves her severely, and perhaps permanently, conflicted.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Australian actress aged c8
American actress aged c8
In the Vein Of:
Halloween (1978)
Friday The 13th (1980)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Author Bio:
I'm a happily unproduced screenwriter.

I've been writing screenplays proper since 2007 and can showcase (as at April 2021) nine of them.

I would love to have one of my screenplays produced, but several factors have to come together for this to happen. In the meantime, I keep writing and this very act makes me happy.

However, since completing my latest, Howlingween 4: Beastly Mist, I've had six false starts, because each of the storylines lacked sufficient emotional investment on my part to carry them beyond the beginning.

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