River of Change

A depressed man searching for purpose after several devastating events accompanies three adventure buddies on an Alaskan wilderness excursion hoping to heal, but the trip presents additional challenges.

The story begins with WILL COLLINS, 9, embarking on a fishing outing with his father. Then, it cuts to WILL, late 30s, arriving at his IT job. That evening Will enjoys dinner with his mother, SADIE, 60s, who he lives with as they grieve his recently-departed father. Will shares his disappointing love life with a wise Sadie who understands that Will’s unresolved issues concerning his father are what keeps him from settling down.

Will joins his friends, PARKER, CURT, and VIC, all 30s, on a deep-sea fishing trip where tragedy strikes, costing Curt an arm and the other men guilt. Simultaneously, Sadie suffers a stroke. Will nurses Sadie, but she soon passes away causing him to sink into a depression and to distance himself from his friends.

After initially resisting, Will accompanies his buddies on a rafting trip on the rugged Kaktovic River in Alaska. At the local wilderness lodge, they meet an Aleutian woman, AMY, 35, who operates the inn with her uncle, BILL, 60s, and her son, HUNTER, 14. Parker’s friend, KEN, 30s, arrives to be their guide.

RANDY, 40s, arrives and flies Parker and Ken to the take-out point. Heavy fog prevents Randy from picking up the remaining men. During this interim, Will and Amy bond while Vic, Curt, Bill, and Hunter play dominoes. Will learns about Amy’s turbulent history with her estranged ex-husband.

The following day, Randy retrieves the other men, and they suffer a stressful flight. The outdoorsmen enjoy mother nature and bond while waiting for the rest of their supplies. Vic has a scare in the woods. They begin their trip downriver in two rafts. The friends encounter several complications in the dangerous rapids, one leaving Parker close to death. Amy and Hunter arrive in a chopper to retrieve Parker. Hunter remains with the party. After stalking the group, an UNKNOWN MAN, 30s, visits the campsite, drunk and belligerent. When the intruder leaves, Hunter reveals that he thinks the man is his father, LUKE.

Despite being on guard, Luke kidnaps Hunter. The men alert Amy and then head out, armed. They locate Hunter and Luke at a secluded, dilapidated shack.

Amy arrives, and tensions escalate causing Will to step up and confront Luke as well as his past issues. The showdown leaves Curt injured and Luke dead. Bill flies Curt to the hospital and to contact the authorities. Amy replaces Curt on the adventure. The trip goes well and further bonds Will, Amy, and Hunter.

Later at the lodge, as Will reluctantly bids farewell to Amy and Hunter, he realizes they belong together, and they marry. The story ends with the friends, accompanied by Hunter, onboard a tour bus in the Australian Outback, everybody looking joyous.

Starring Roles For:
Colin Farrell
a 40s Harrison Ford
a 40s Sean Penn
In the Vein Of:
The River Wild
Author Bio:
I have six feature scripts, a short, and a TV pilot script with a show bible that have professional recommends from Dave Trottier, Author of "The Screenwriter's Bible," Jacob N. Stuart of "Screenwriting Staffing" and/or "Screenplay Readers." They are all production ready.

My screenplay EVOLVEMENT was chosen for the 2019 online publication "The Budget List." You can view that posting at this address:[

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