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and The Devil called!

The Devil is so confident of the acceptance by God`s chosen-one he appears as himself with gifts and, `you will be my bride`, when rejected, he sends in his tri-step-headed-charcoaled alien goons, to examine her brain.

Earth is a bubble held high by the Heavens above the Devil's domain. Liz is a prominent businesswoman unaware she's been chosen by God, or of The Devil's interest in her. A sculptured bust of Christ placed in the void of an old Ghost-Gum tree in the grounds opposite her home, brings all to the fore. The Devil is so confident she will accept him, he visits her five (5) times. Firstly as himself, emerging from her Barrister's body during a conference, then, taking over Harry, a supporter of Liz' newly-formed political party when he immobilises her body, with only her eyes to give strength as inch-by-inch as a poorly-oiled grinder she turns her chair to put him behind her. Then the realization of what she has done terrifies her, "... just one hit and I'm dead!" The Devil leaves undeterred. He obtains a freshly-deceased body and in a Judge's Full-Bottom wig concealing his face, as 'Warren' he brings gifts and makes promises. "... do this, and it will get you in [to politics]." Then... "you will be my bride." Trembling to the core of her being, Liz destroys his gifts and ignores his proposal. But there are others to use. A milk-docket lost by office junior Fiona on the way to work the previous day is found inserted in the book "Hitler" Warren left for Liz. No amount of contemplation reveals the circumstances of its insertion into a book not yet in their possession. Hell is getting colder. In desperation the Devil sends in his Alien goons. Liz is asleep. She opens her eyes to warm fluid running over her face and sees eight-foot tall charcoaled, tri-stepped-headed Aliens. The closest one steps back and folds his arms. She can neither move nor respond to the peril she's in, nor do her senses register any desire to scream for help, move or object. The length and sharpness of the long finger-nails that project from the large knuckled fingers are capable of slicing flesh in a single move alone, are sufficient to cause terror. She falls back into unconsciousness . A dream?... it could have remained - if not for her mum discovering the saturated pillow. At all cost Hell must be restored. The Devil contemplates... "perhaps Liz' daughter will do!"

(Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - Winner 2024) "And The Devil Called," a horror screenplay by Patricia Poulos, unfolds as a chilling and unique exploration of the supernatural, pitting the forces of good against the malevolent presence of the Devil himself. The logline promises a tale where the Devil, confident of acceptance, resorts to diabolical means when faced with rejection. The screenplay introduces Liz Peters, a prominent businesswoman chosen by God for a divine mission, and her unwitting entanglement with the Devil's sinister intentions. The Black List commendation praises the script for presenting an ominous and striking villain in the Devil, exuding quiet menace and inducing terror through his mere presence. The intriguing touch of dreadful paralysis inflicted by the Devil adds a unique and captivating layer to the horror narrative. The premise establishes Earth as a precarious bubble suspended between Heaven and the Devil's domain, setting the stage for an otherworldly conflict. Liz, initially unaware of her divine calling, becomes the target of the Devil's interest. The use of a sculptured bust of Christ in an old Ghost-Gum tree becomes a compelling catalyst, bridging the realms of the divine and the diabolical. The Devil's initial attempts to manipulate Liz through possession and immobilization build tension, and the screenplay employs clever voiceover narration to delve into the characters' panicked thoughts during troubling incidents. The Devil's bold appearance as himself and subsequent disguises, including a Judge named Warren, adds layers of psychological horror as he attempts to sway Liz with gifts and promises. The Devil's frustration at Liz's rejection escalates, leading to the introduction of charcoal-colored, tri-step-headed Alien goons – a nightmarish manifestation of Hell's forces. The screenplay vividly describes their menacing presence, instilling fear through their physical attributes and the psychological terror they evoke in Liz. Poulos skillfully weaves a narrative that combines supernatural horror with psychological suspense. The Alien encounter, described with vivid imagery, stands out as a particularly intense and unsettling sequence. The script masterfully explores the fine line between dreams and reality, keeping the audience on edge with a sense of dread that lingers beyond the screen. The prospect of the Devil targeting Liz's unsuspecting daughter adds a layer of anticipation and raises the stakes for the characters. The screenplay concludes with a promise of restoring Hell to its former Glory of Terror, leaving room for further exploration in potential sequels."

The Black List. "As a protagonist, Liz is definitely sympathetic (though a bit naïve), thrust into a major conflict against the mother-of-all-enemies. The script offers an ominous, striking villain in the Devil himself, dripping with quiet, confident menace and bringing drama into the story through his sheer presence alone (especially given the dreadful paralysis he seems to inflict on his victims – a unique touch). As the characters endure the terror, the script uses voiceover narration heavily but cleverly, illustrating the characters' panicked, fragmented thoughts in each troubling incident."

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Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Elizabeth Tabish
Neal McDonough
Helen Mirren
In the Vein Of:
The Shift
Devil's Advocate
Author Bio:
https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5673147 https://www.moviebytes.com https://www.filmfreeway.com https://www.stage32.com/Profiler Screenwriter: seven (7) Award-winning Feature Scripts and two (2) Short Screenplays Author: four (4) non-fiction books - Amazon "Best Seller" - 'Elders and The Real Story' - 2020 Publisher/ 'Profiler' Magazine - distributed nationally Editor: and throughout New Zealand through newsagencies by the Packer network (NSC) and Gordon & Gotch Poet: AllPoetry - seven (7) poems - Wildsound - Top 100 Producer: R J to Mars - animated Christian Children's film Screenwriting Awards: 2024 - International Network Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner 2024 - Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - 'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner - 2024 - Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - 'Doors of Miracles' - Award Winner - 2023 - Close International Film Festival - Winner - 'And The Devil called!' 2023 - Close International Film Festival - Winner - "Doors of Miracles!" 2022 - Only The Best Film Festival - Winner - 'And The Devil called!' 2022 - International Symbolic Art Film Festival (ISAFF) - - 'And the Devil called!' - Winner - 2022 - Halo International Film Festival - 'Doors of Miracles' - Winner - 2022 - Halo International Film Festival - 'The Benefactor!!' - - Winner - 2022 - Bridge Fest International Film Festival - - 'And The Devil called!' - Winner- 2022 - Amsterdam International Film Festival - - 'And The Devil called!' - Winner- 2022 - BEYOND: The Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - - Winner - 2022 - European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) - 'And The Devil called!' - Finalist - 2022 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'And The Devil called!' 2022 - Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Awards - - 'Murder in Emergency!' - Quarter Finalist - 2022 - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival - 'The Benefactor!' - Winner - 2022 - Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards - 'meet The Devil!' - Quarter Finalist 2022 - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival - - 'And The Devil called!' - Honourable Mention - 2021 - Oaxaca International Film Festival 11 - - "And The Devil called!" - Finalist - 2021 - Oaxaca FilmFest - "Doors of Miracles" - Selected - 2020 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - Six (6) in the Top 10 of their genre 2019 - L.

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Contest Results:
Bridge Fest (First Place) [2022]
Amsterdam (First Place, Best Feature Script) [2022]
BEYOND: The Film Festival (First Place, Best Feature Script) [2022]
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