Inspired by true events: In 1922 Oregon, a lawyer, thinking he’s protecting his family, reluctantly, but covertly joins the KKK and their push for the Oregon Compulsory Education Act, only to throw his family into mortal danger.

Raymond Peterson must choose between what is right or saving his family. Threatened by his boss, he reluctantly and clandestinely joins the KKK to push for the Oregon Compulsory Education Act. They harass private schools, threaten the local Bishop, and place discriminating ads against children with disabilities. As the KKK tries to legislate for this law with their nefarious means, Peterson’s wife, Barbara, joins the private schools in their opposition. Raymond is caught between his secret membership and loyalty to his wife and family. Peterson’s decision to join the KKK actually jeopardizes his marriage and his Down Syndrome son’s life. He must stand up against the KKK and his boss, Frank Miller, to save both his marriage and his son. This movie was inspired by the actual passing of the 1922 Oregon Compulsory Education Act. Many historians believe it was fueled by the KKK because of its hatred of immigrants, who were often taught in private schools. The private schools sued the State of Oregon, and in 1925, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned this law in Pierce, Governor of Oregon vs. Society of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

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Man late 30s or 40s
50 - 60's Male
30's Intellectual Actress
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A Few Good Men
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Masters in Communication, BS in Psychology. Associate producer of the movie Turnover. Author of middle grade book - Isasnora Snores. Blogger, YouTuber, journalist, author, screenwriter, and playwright. Graduate of ScreenwritingU - ProSeries class.

Contest Results:
Kairos Prize (Semifinalist) [2012]
Emerging Screenwriters Feature (Quarterfinalist) [2013]