A coming of age story about a boy in Ireland named Lachlan who finds himself in a magical world he never knew existed. Kyros, Lachlan’s father, abandoned his son as a young child, and never saw him again. Now Lachlan must deal with the resentment that he feels towards his father while attempting to rescue him on an epic journey.

“Legacy” is about a teenager named Lachlan that learns he is anything but ordinary. After being beaten and bullied on graduation day, Lachlan goes against his mother’s wishes and visits an ancient Celtic castle near his home in Dublin. There he begins to write in his journal when there is an earthquake. Lachlan is hit on the head and loses consciousness during the quake. He is then sucked through a portal. When he awakens, he is in a magical world called “The Garden.” There he meets Atlas the Centaur. Atlas explains that Lachlan’s father is their king and only abandoned his family in order to protect his son from an ancient prophecy. The prophecy is that a half human, half royal, magical child (Lachlan) would be born. This would lead to a great battle between good and evil. This war could result in the complete enslavement of all creatures, both human and magical. If good should not prevail and evil triumph, all would be lost. Lachlan’s father returned to the magical realm to try and prevent the prophecy, and protect his wife and son. When his king is kidnapped, it prompts Atlas to retrieve Lachlan from the human realm. Lachlan must find the courage within himself to rescue the father he barely knows, and marshal good against evil in order to save us all.

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Starring Roles For:
Liam Neeson
Breakout 17yr old male
Ewan McGregor
In the Vein Of:
Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Author Bio:
Danielle R. Erlich spent her life growing up with an autoimmune disease. This disease kept her from playing with her friends and partaking in fun activities. She ended up either reading or watching films most of the time to escape. She wrote all the time growing up and even had a poem published in the sixth grade. Soon after, signs of her illness began to surface. One of them was surprisingly writer’s block. After two years of college, and one screenwriting course, she switched to an acting conservatory in Santa Monica.

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Contest Results:
L.A. Film & Script (First Place, Best Sci-fi Screenplay) [2020]
Open Curtain (First Place, Best Sci-fi) [2020]
Great American (First Place) [2019]
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