The Muse

A married writer going through a midlife crisis becomes infatuated with an uninhibited young woman he meets on the beach, finding inspiration through her as they begin a torrid affair...but he soon finds himself targeted by a killer who has also found her...inspiring.

RICHARD GORHAM loves his wife CONNIE, but is beginning to question his self-worth as a man and a writer. Hoping to revitalize his marriage and career, they accept an invitation to spend a few weeks at the Malibu beach house of some friends.

Richard becomes fascinated with an uninhibited young woman on the beach named SERENA. She and her boyfriend DAVID have a violent break-up, and concerned, Richard checks on her. She seduces him, he finds himself inspired to write again, and they begin a torrid affair. He considers her his erotic muse and – even when caught by Connie – he finds he can’t let her go.

But someone is watching them. Former lovers of Serena’s are being found slashed to death - including David - and both Richard and Serena are considered suspects by DETECTIVE AUBREY. Connie tries to force Richard to choose, but he can’t, and despite Serena’s attempts to seduce Connie into joining them, she leaves, devastated. And then Connie is slashed to death in their home and Serena disappears.

Richard is arrested, then released on bail. He discovers Serena waiting for him - and she holds a large, bloody knife. He thinks she’s come to kill him, but she throws the knife into the ocean, confessing that she’s fallen in love with him and will protect him from the police. She found the knife in the beach house and believes he’s the killer. Just as he realizes she’s also innocent, someone rises from the ocean, grabs her, and cuts her throat.

It’s David. He faked his own murder by killing and mutilating an innocent man, then began killing anyone who had slept with Serena…including Connie. He didn’t want to share Serena with anyone. But then she fell in love with Richard, and ruined everything - so they both had to die.

They have a vicious and bloody fight on the beach, and Richard is wounded, but he manages to fight David off until the police arrive and Aubrey shoots him. Absolved, Richard is a free man.

A few years later, Hollywood is wooing him for his novels, and his agent schmoozes on the phone. But he had lost Connie, and Serena, and his innocence…and we leave him sitting on the beach, phone to his ear, watching the ocean.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Basic Instinct