Rat's Bait Shop, Bar & Grill

Two marines and a Apache bar owner must stop a shoot-out in a hole in the road bar before anyone is killed.

Rat, an Apache bar owner is serving two former marines in his hole-in-the wall bar in a tiny town where everyone doubles as something else (Rat is also the Chief of Tribal Police and ambulance driver Josie runs the grocery store across the street from Rat's) when a young, barely drinking age couple shooting pool have a lover's quarrel. Things go from bad to worse as they stomp out, the girl pulling a gun and shooting the boy. We find out there are actually three marines in the bar, Rat a former sharp shooter/war Vet. We also find out that Apaches, once known as the scariest of warriors, aren't always so. This is a study of three guys, all ex-military, and how they react under fire.

*Notes from a film festival judge suggested that this could be the beginning of a television pilot since these characters are interesting enough to carry a television series.

**This is being developed as a television pilot.

Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
Male, 25-35
Tough Marine Corps Kinda Guy
Native American male
Author Bio:
5150 workshop member @ Academy of Film Writing, studied film @ UCLA Extension. Winning writer of comedy.

Contest Results:
Beverly Hills Screenplay (Finalist, Drama catagory) [2016]