Louis A. Runs Along

Louis has been sober for years until he hops a bus for vacation where he meets a woman who steals his heart, and eventually his sobriety. Note: This script is the first episode in what will be a series. It is based on my short story that was awarded honorable mention in the Oregon Writers Colony Competition and a semi-finalist in the New Millennium Competition.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
Judi Blaze is a novelist, former print and media journalist, and newbie screenwriter. She has three novels and a book of short stories published. She has won awards for several of her short stories, one of which is Squid Jiggers, her feature-length screenplay based on the story. The feature was a semi-finalist in the Nashville Film Festival and a finalist in the Women in Cinema competition and many other awards.

She was just commissioned to co-write a feature for Big Kid Films, Woodstock or Bust, due out in 2018.

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