McIntyre's Mountain

Arizona Territory, 1883: When a band of ex-confederate-led banditos raid a gold shipment steaming down the Colorado River, a fifteen year old boy has to choose between a life of adventure or doing what's right, while his father, a retired Confederate Major, races to save him and stop the bandits.

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Nathan Goldman is the author of several books and dozens of articles on the business, law, and politics of outer space. His books have been used as texts for college courses, including at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

He is a published poet and an award winning screenwriter. He has written or co-written ten spec screenplays, which have reached the quarterfinals or better in more than 50 festivals and competitions, including 5 Remi awards at Worldfest as well as winning the L.

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Contest Results:
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2011]
Richmond Fest (Finalist, top in genre) [2013]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist)
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