Vacation Burnout

A couple find a wadded up lottery ticket hidden in some clothes which has the winning number worth a billion dollars which is about to expire within 24 hours before the deadline to cash it in. The problem is they’re out of the country and are held up at the border with no way to get out.

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Author Bio:
I am a member of the Willamette Writers Organization in Portland Oregon and have been one for over five years.

Competition Highlights:

The Tattoo, one page comedy (Top Twenty Finals in WildSound Competition 2009)

Mom's New Toy; comedy short (First place in WildSound Competition 2008; Second Place Gimme Credit Super Short Category of Cycle V 2007)

The Merging; sci-fi (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza competition 2006) Pinewood; horror thriller (Round Two Slamdance 2007) Smallville: To Eternity And Back; television (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007) Vacation Burnout; comedy (Quarterfinalist Bluecat Competition 2007) Smallville: Fractured Wings; television (Top Ten Finalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007)

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Contest Results:
BlueCat Contest (Quarterfinalist, 10% catagory round) [2007]