Celibacy in the City

The single woman’s “First Wives Club” meets "Four Weddings and a Funeral." Two women meet through a suicide hot line and form an alliance to swear off men and especially sex. Their group grows as new members anxiously join CITC after being dumped on by their man and want a shoulder to cry on. Will the lure of the opposite sex prove too much of a temptation for this sisterhood?

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I am a non-union produced screenwriter with four sold shorts for festivals and three optioned and one produced award winning feature screenplay in the Cape Fear Film Festival. One of the features is funded and the producers are attaching talent i.e. director, actors for a theatrical release.

My third write for hire is a produced feature, titled "The Message."

The first of four teaser trailers is up at you tube http://www.

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Split-Screenplay (Finalist)
FilmMakers/Feature (Finalist)
New Century (Finalist)